Truck Stop Tempest by Krissy Daniels

arc review 1blurbtruckstoptempestMy stay in Whisper Springs was supposed to be temporary. A slight detour on my flight to freedom.
Then Tito Moretti stormed into town.
He was everything I wished I could be. Everything I’d been taught to fear.
Confident. Fearsome. Untouchable.

I wasn’t supposed to make friends. I never meant to fall in love.
When Tito learned the truth, would he break me,
Or help me break free?

Tuuli Holt was off limits
Young. Naïve. Pure.
I had no right wanting the blue-eyed bunny.
But damn, that little beast stormed into my life, and scattered my demons.

She had her share of secrets, but they were nothing compared to my sins.
Tuuli said my past didn’t matter.
I wanted to believe her, but when my crimes were exposed, would she bolt?

I should’ve stayed away, set her free.
We could never work.
Church girls didn’t fall in love with executioners.

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krissy.jpgKrissy is a full time writer, avid reader, and lover of dark and dirty romance.
Growing up surrounded by the great outdoors, her childhood was full of adventure that fueled an overactive imagination and ignited a passion for storytelling. Whether it be dolls, or running free through the wooded areas surrounding her home, playtime always included a tormented villain, a damsel in distress and a larger than life hero.
After relentless encouragement from friends and family, she finally put the characters in her head to pen and paper. The only thing she loves more than curling up with a steamy romance novel, is cozying up to her desk and writing her own sexy adventures to share with others.



OK FIRST THIS BOOK IS LIVE EARLY. Which means you should go one click the hell out of that button. This book is that good. After reading this, I went and bought Truck Stop Tango (which is free) and then bought Truck Stop Tryst as well. I’ve read all three books and can say, with full authority, Tito is mine. I don’t care what you say, he is mine.

Now that the ugly is out of the way…

I didn’t know when I read this that it was a continuation of two other books. It didn’t hinder my ability to read and enjoy this book thoroughly. It can be read as a standalone, but it’s probably better to read the book third. After reading the first two books, things made more sense (which means I need to do a re-read). Tito is broken, damaged, by the life he was dealt. He believes he is unlovable, and that he can’t love. When he meets Tuuli, he is drawn to her, but he tries to stay away.

Tuuli has her own secrets. Secrets that could ruin everything she built, everything she was trying to get away from. She is drawn to Tito, but her secrets, her past, and Tito’s feelings that he can’t do forever stop her from jumping in head first into Tito.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for both of them, they are drawn to each other in inexplicable ways. Spoiler: they end up together.

One of my favorite things about this book (and ultimately about the series) is that each couple has something special, something just for them. Tango and Slade have dancing, Tucker and Aida have singing. Tito and Tuuli have “Tell me something I don’t know about you,. Something big.” Each moment, each secret revealed, results in a kiss. And they ultimately end up healing each other, giving each other the strength they need to heal.

I love, love, love Tito, and his journey to heal. Tuuli pulls him back from the souls that torture his heart. And Tito gives Tuuli the peace to move on from the secrets holding her back. Basically, I love everything about this book. And this series. I need epilogues, and novels of these three like 10 years in the future. I’m obsessed with this family. Because these couples, and those they bring into it, are family.


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