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My favorite Single Dad Romances!

It’s Father’s Day in the states, so let’s talk about some of my favorite Single Parent reads! They’re my favorite! So here are eight books you can read to get a smile on this day :). These are in no particular order, just however I remembered them! There’s something so swoonworthy about a guy taking care of his kids when his partner takes off, or a guy that steps up in place of a deadbeat.

Until Kayla by CC Monroe
until kaylaPart of the Happily Ever Alpha, Kindle Worlds Until Series crossover, Until Kayla has alpha yumminess, and a single dad that is drool worthy! It’s got the drama you need, plus the sweetness to make you swoon, and a woman who loves a little girl as if it were her own. CC Monroe always writes books that somehow wreck your entire world but also give you insight into something deeper, and this was no exception. Both Kayla and Jase go through something rough, but they come together to make everything better!
Check out my review here.


Until Leo by Rochelle Paige
untilleoUntil Leo was also part of the Happily Ever Alpha Kindle Worlds, and featured Leo, a single dad and a cop that we met in one of Aurora Rose Reynolds’ books. Not only is it a single dad, but it’s also a man in uniform. Leo and Carrie meet at a daddy-daughter class and it is the cutest thing ever, I’m swooning all over again. I seriously am obsessed with Rochelle Paige (she’s got another series I’ll mention in here because it’s also one of my faves!), but I love Leo so freaking much.
Check out my review here.



Something So Unscripted by Natasha Madison
somethingsounscripted.jpgWarning: Get your tissues ready with this one. Natasha Madison’s Something So series can have you laughing one minute and crying the next, but THIS BOOK will wreck you so hard. I read it and was crying big fat ugly tears! I thought I reviewed it, but it looks like I never did it, just fangirled over it a lot in my head. That means I’m going to have to do a reread (THE HORROR lol) so I can write a review. But y’all, just so you know how much this wrecked me: Zack is a single dad who’s son has cancer. Denise is an oncologist, one of the best at treating those with cancer. THINK ABOUT IT.


Athica Lane by Brynne Asher
athicalaneBrynne Asher’s Carpino series is SO FUNNY it’s amazing. Athica Lane mixes a crazy Carpino clan, with a single dad who has issues with his ex, and a woman who loves to bake and loves his kids with her whole heart. Cam and Paige have a lot of fun together, and Cam adds a whole new level to *swoon* and crazy families but they also struggle together. Cam and Paige go through some crazy stuff before they can have their HEA. But it’s so worth it!! And it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
Check out my review here!



Deception by Fiona Davenport
nicandanna1Deception is actually the first in the Mafia Ties series by Fiona Davenport, aka Rochelle Paige and Elle Christensen. It mixes Italian mafia king Nic DeLuca with sweet Anna Martin, who wants nothing more than to be a mom. There are three parts to their story, where these two burn up the sheets and the world with their desire for each other and the love they share. And Nic’s daughter is literally the cutest!!!




Father’s Day isn’t just about the single dads, though. It’s about the dad’s that step up when the sperm donor doesn’t. So here are a few of my favorite single mom books.

Something So Right by Natasha Madison
somethingsoright.jpgI think I’m just obsessed with Natasha… in a not creepy way? Sure. Anyway, this is also from the Something So series. It’s only $0.99 so get it now!! Because you will not regret reading Parker and Cooper fall in love, or watch Cooper step up and be the man Parker’s children need in their lives. It features a woman who is in her mid-thirties, divorced, with two kids with a big age gap, falling for a man who is younger than her, a hockey god, who’s alpha on top of it all. Trust me, you’ll love it.



Caught in the Act by Michelle Minikin
caughtintheactcoverFor a debut novel, this was a hit! It had me cracking up, crying I was laughing so hard, but then also just crying. This book features Liam, a radio talk show host who helps people find out if their partners are cheating on them, and Kensley, who is one of the unfortunate women who caught their partner cheating. This book sent me on a roller coaster in all the best ways, and after I finished I got two bonus chapters for joining a special group on Michelle’s facebook!
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On the Rocks by Gillian Jones
ontherocksThis is another book that will wreck your world. Braunwyn has already been through so much in her short life, that all I wanted was to see her happy. And Levi, GOD LEVI, is so absolutely fantastic, stepping up for Braun and her little girl when he was dead set against ever having a girl, let alone being a daddy. But almost from the minute he locks eyes with Braun, he falls for her. Denies it, tries to ignore it, but once he meets Braun’s little girl? All bets are off. He’s done. Goodbye, bachelorhood, hello daddy.
Check out my review here!
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What are some of your favorite single parent books?


#BookStuffing and why it matters.

If you’ve been on twitter in Romancelandia recently, you may have noticed some interesting hashtags.


Some of them have been talked about to the max, (#cockygate, #BYEFaleena), and some are just starting to gain momentum (#tiffanygate). If you haven’t heard of any of these yet, I suggest falling down the rabbit hole on twitter to find out more. This post isn’t going to explain #cockygate or #tiffanygate (though Tiffanygate and BookStuffing have something in common).

As a reader, I came across Kindle Unlimited about a year ago. It was as I was discovering more indie authors, and wanted to find more. So I got my subscription, and started devouring books that participated in the program. I found authors like Alexa Riley, Mia Madison, Madison Faye, Ella Summers and so many more. I started reading novellas and full length novels, reading almost 200 books in a year. My reading was up, and I was a happy camper.

What was even better, was some of the books I was reading including extra books.

This time last year, I didn’t review books. I couldn’t have told you the name of a single indie author. I wasn’t involved in a single book club on Facebook or anywhere else. I read the mainstream paperbacks you could find in the library, the grocery store, Wal-Mart, anywhere I could get my hands on one. I didn’t use my kindle or nook, and I didn’t use the app on my phone. I broke my back carrying around paperbacks, but I loved holding the book in my hand and thought nothing could compare.

Then, I found KU, and my whole life changed. And I’m not exaggerating. I went from never leaving reviews, to becoming a book blogger. I went from only reading paperbacks, to reading mainly on my kindle. I went from buying books at the store, to trying to support my favorite authors by buying their paperbacks online. I went from having only friends I met in the real world, to having friends ALL over the world, and I met them in one of the thirty book clubs I am now in.

The more I got to know the indie world, the more problems I saw within the KU program. One of the biggest problems is that the ‘Zon is trying to crack down on the “authors” that break their Terms of Service, which ends up hurting legitimate authors trying to make a living doing what they love.

You may have read my little biography here and thought “but Cait, what is book stuffing?!” I wanted to start with my journey, to show you that as a “sophisticated” reader, who has read both mainstream and indie books, who has read the stuffed books and the novellas, that I was duped. I thought I was getting extra books, when I read certain titles on KU. In reality: I was hurting the authors I’ve come to love and support with my whole heart.

Now, what is book stuffing? It’s pretty much what it sounds like: an author stuffs books into another book. Extra Content, according to Amazon’s KU Terms of Service (TOS), states that it cannot be more than 10% of the book. Why? Because authors in the KU program get paid for each page read. There is a big bank that is used to pay these authors, and it is set at a fixed rate. So for every page a borrower reads, the author gets paid. If an author “stuffs” more than one book into their book, they get paid for more pages read. Some of these authors encourage their readers to do the “KU Flip”, which is basically flipping through the extra content in a book, at a slow rate, until you reach the end, so the author can get more money.

*Picture from  on Twitter*

With more pages read, the more money you get, but you also get to be one of Amazon’s Top Seller’s program, which means more advertising. So while there are authors that have full time jobs aside from writing, that are happy with the sales they earned, there are authors out there who are not valuing their readers, and asking them to skip through content they may or may not have already read, or may or may not be interested in, so they can make more money. It’s not about the book they’ve written, it’s about the money they could get.

Is book stuffing a big deal? Are that many authors doing it?

*Images as of June 5, 2018*

Out of the Top 6 in “Sports Romance” only ONE of these authors does not book stuff. (Ilsa Madden-Mills, you GO GLEN COCO!) It’s not just in Sports Romance, though, and it’s not just stuffing more books into one book. Some books mess up the spacing to spread out the pages. As a reader, I found this SO ANNOYING, but didn’t realize I was helping authors scam other authors.

*Image grabbed from Biker’s Virgin on June 5th, 2018*

As a reader, I had no idea this was an issue. With #cockygate coming to light, and indie and mainstream authors banded together to fight this, the authors who were afraid of getting in trouble with Amazon decided to say WHATEVER and bring to light the book stuffing issue. As a reader, we ALL have to help report the issue, because authors like Anna B Doe, BJ Bentley, Mia Madison, Gillian Jones, and so many more (those are just a few I thought of off the top of my head), are getting screwed by authors like Cassandra Dee, Tia Siren, Claire Adams, and Chance Carter (who I will NOT rant about right now).

So how can you tell if a book has been stuffed? Check the Table of Contents in the previews.

*Images grabbed from Marrying His Brother by Tia Siren on June 5th, 2018.*

Also, check how many pages are in a book.
Examples of bookstuffing:

Versus legitimate books:



*All screen grabs were made on June 5th, 2018, and taken from*

As a reader, it is important to make sure you report the books that are guilty of this. Not just because they violate the TOS, but because when they stuff their books, other authors lose out. Other authors take the pay cuts, and suffer from this. The reader doesn’t, the author stuffing sure as heck doesn’t, but the author you love? The one you want to see grow and tell everyone about? They suffer. So how do you report these authors? Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the Feedback section:



Here’s the thing: there are much better articles on this than mine. I know that. You can find thorough articles, eloquently written, anywhere on Twitter. Heck, some of the Twitter threads are better than this. However, the community needs to speak up. That means complaining about this everywhere, speaking about it on every platform, and reporting the books that are scamming the readers and authors! If you read this article on bookstuffing from a reader’s perspective, thanks! Now go out and share what you learned! Expose the books violating the TOS. Do something about it.

Want to learn more? Here are some articles/videos that can explain better than me:
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David Gaughran
BJ Bentley


What’s something you can’t read?

This post is a little bit different, because I’d like to get to know you all better! I’ve been reading a lot lately, not that it’s any different, but I’ve been signing up to read and review some authors new books. While this is super exciting (free books! romance!), when I read the blurb provided by the author, I have to really think about what I’m going to read. I don’t want to read a book and not enjoy it, then read a bad review- just because there was something in the book I didn’t like.

For example? Cheating.  I can NOT read a book that has the main character, female or male, cheating on each other. I can sometimes get away with if they’re not together, in the beginning, and them (usually the guy) sleeping with someone else to “forget” the girl. While this bothers me, I can usually get over it while yelling at the guy in my head he’ll regret it. And I do the same if the girl sleeps with another guy to get over the main guy. But if they’re together? And someone cheats? I lose my freaking shit. Not even going to lie.

I read this book last year where the guy gets a chance to play in the minor leagues, and he cheats on his girl(I won’t name the book). I had anxiety for a freaking month after that. I tried to keep reading thinking “no, no NO THIS DIDN’T REALLY HAPPEN!” but it did! (By the way, totally getting anxiety right now thinking about it- cause I’m a weirdo). I had to read the second book just to find out what the outcome of it was- even though I couldn’t finish reading the first book! I don’t know why this bothers me, I was never cheated on, and now I’m engaged to a wonderful man. I can read dark romances, ones with lots of blood and gore, but throw in some cheating and my stomach and head go haywire for a month.

Books with cheating should come with a warning or something.

Reading about people doing drugs does the same thing to me. Drugs are a weird thing for me. Even reading about people smoking a little weed in a book gets me nervous. I have a control issue (see anxiety weirdness from above) so I don’t like drugs. It’s my personal thing, and it doesn’t necessarily stop me from reading a book, but it can deter me from it. It’s one of the reasons I tend to stay away from rock star romances. It’s just not my thing.

Something that will make me drop a book faster than cheating or anything else is abuse by the hero or heroine. Usually, I don’t see physical abuse by either of the main characters, but occasionally I will see mental or emotional abuse. I read a book, granted it was an older romance novel, not a contemporary, where the MC was emotionally abusive and manipulative(I don’t remember the book I read it in high school). One part I remember clearly was the guy was not happy about something the female did, so waited in her house (that he did not have a key to) in the dark, for her to come home. Scared the crap out of her! She was legitimately scared!

I’ve read a ton of alpha male romances. Where the guy is overly possessive and jealous. But none of the guys I’ve read have tried to scare their girl. And when they do, they apologize profusely, explaining what they were trying to do. Everyone loves a good grovel every now and then. The book before? The girl who let me borrow the book got the book back-when I threw it at her. That’s the only scene I remember- but I remember thinking that the guy was a manipulative jerk.

Cheating- I stop reading. Drugs- I just don’t like em. Abuse- oh hell no.

What’s something that makes you drop a book and run?