By the Grace of You by Dominique Laura Review

Everything came from my trust in Him.
Until I felt like I was starting to lose it all.
My faith was fractured.
I needed to find my way back…
Before I lost my trust in Him completely.






Dominique Laura started off writing under the pen name Rosie C. but grew brave enough to transition to her real name (well, close enough to it). She loves to read and write whenever possible. She’s an advocate for love and happily ever afters, and she’s snarky and sarcastic. She lives in sunny Southern California with her dog, who she’s slightly obsessed with.



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By the Grace of You is a short novella about losing faith in God and His word. And Lord let me tell you how much this novel broke me and how much it meant to me. If you believe in God, in any God, there may have been a time n your life that you lost your way. Lilli loses her way for a big reason, but as did I, but sometimes it’s something little in your life that can cause you to question your beliefs and your faith.

Sometimes you need someone to help you guide your way back.

Noah is that person to Lilli. Does he make her believe in God again? No. Does he help guide her back? Yes. He helps give Lilli the strength to find her way again, though he’s not the reason. Lilli has Faith already, was brought up in the church, believed in Christ with her whole heart, but lost that belief and questioned everything for a time. Which she had to learn was normal, for anyone, not just for someone who lost someone in the way she did.

Beware: This novella made me cry several times. In the beginning, I was crying big, fat, ugly, sad tears. Towards the end, I was crying again because I was happy. In such a short novella, my emotions were all over the place, empathizing with Lilli, hurting for her. Dominique, in a few words and chapters, evokes emotions you sometimes wish you weren’t feeling because your hurting so much,  but also makes you so happy that you’re smiling from ear to ear.

If you have the chance, if you believe in anything at all, read this novel. Rediscover your own faith.

Dominique: CAN YOU WRITE A ROM-COM SO I CAN STOP CRYING? THANK YOU. (I’m kidding, keep writing ANYTHING, I will always read it.)


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