More to Us by S. Van Horne

newarcbannerblurbmore to usAt twenty, Cara Johnson enjoyed her part time job. Not because she was good at it. Nope, it was because it forced her out of her shell. Working at an adult toy shop would do that to anyone. She was finally becoming the type of person she always wanted to be; an extrovert. That is—until she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

At twenty-nine, Lucas Fisher decided his time in the FBI was at its end. He wanted what his buddy Curt found . . . a family. He didn’t count on finding exactly that when he visited his financial adviser, Rhys. He was grateful fate was finally working in his favor for once. That is—until she got hurt.

Now they’re in a fight to keep what is important . . . each other. Will they be able to overcome the twist that is thrown at them? Or will they realize that sometimes fate demands more than we are willing to give?

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S. Van Horne was born and raised in the small town of Belton, Missouri, which is a part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. She is from a very large family and is the oldest of six. Growing up she did not have the easiest life. She learned quickly that family means everything, even if it is the type that you get to pick for yourself. She met the love of her life at the early age of 20 and was married just after nine months of meeting him. Shortly after marriage, her husband rejoined the U.S. Navy and they moved from Kansas City and started their journey together. Currently they have two amazing children, a boy and a girl, and are still enjoying the Navy life.

She spends her days being a Navy wife, homeschool mother, reading books, writing her latest novel, watching her beloved Kansas City Chiefs or Kansas City Royals play, watching movies, hanging out with family and friends and having girls days at least once a month.

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S Van Horne managed to sneak this book into the Kindle Worlds program right at the last minute, so you can still get it as part of the Passion, Vows, & Babies series. And MAN what a book it is!! Seriously, Lucas is my favorite kind of guy to read about: ALPHA. He can also speak four languages, which leads to him calling Cara “il mio” which, I mean, how can you resist a man who can speak Italian? Answer: you can’t. And Cara is so sweet and sassy, it really was so much fun to read her perspective on things.

I mean, I was wrecked emotionally from the prologue because apparently S likes to give you some heartbreak in the beginning, but I was smiling for the most of this book. The interactions Lucas and Cara have, and the lengths he would go to protect her are obsessive. The kind of obsessive that really only works for books because if someone was that obsessed with you, you’d probably freak out a lot and get a restraining order. But it’s really hot in books.

Cara and Lucas have an instant connection, which causes Lucas to buy an adult toy store and Cara to lose all ability to control her mouth. And because I stalk-er follow S on Facebook, I noted some real life references in the book which had me laughing so hard I was crying. Literally. There were also tears, because some of the drama that happens leads to devastating effects for Cara and Lucas. But through it all, their love only grows stronger.

One of the things I love about S Van Horne, besides her sense of humor and use of the F-bomb, is that her books are “safe”. No cheating. Bonus for this book: THOSE EPILOGUES. If you’ve read any of my reviews, you know epilogues are my favorite thing ever. And these epilogues were HILARIOUS but also so full of love, that me being greedy, made me want more. But it was the perfect way to end Cara and Lucas’ story. Actually, everything about this was perfect.

Also: she put a reference to a siren in there. OBVIOUSLY I had to make a teaser out of it.


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