Woohoo!! 39 likes away from 300!! Can I call this my “This is Sparta” Giveaway? Yes? Cool!

Carver by KL Donn Author is coming out soon, and since the Adair Empire is my new obsession I want to gift someone a copy of King (If you already have King, but not one of the others, I will gift that one, including Carver when it releases!) & some book money!

How to Win:
Like my page
Comment on this post
Share this post

Join my readers group (THERE’S A PARTY SOON!):
Follow me on instagram:

Drop screenshots on the original post (the Facebook one) and let me know you did it. The more ya do, the more you’re entered! When I hit 300, your names will be entered into a random generator to pick the winner! If I surpass 300, I may add a second winner! Cause I have no self control.

Facebook and Amazon have nothing to do with this giveaway.


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