Reputation by Dr. Rebecca Sharp Review!

reputation1arcblurbreputationFrom International Bestselling author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp… 

Small-town girl. America’s Sweetheart.
The biggest popstar in the world.
It began with one guy and then the next.
Until my reputation preceded me.
Yes, I dated them – all of them.
Yes, I also broke up with them.. All of them.
Was it too much? The world said yes. Too many, too quickly.
And my star began to flicker.
The world knew nothing about my life and yet, their judgement weighed on me like stone.
My reputation was falling faster than a shooting star and the only way to save it was with the boy who never wanted me.
Zach Parker was a singer, songwriter, and sexy as sin.
To him, I was just the neighbor’s little sister.
A pest that had grown into a famous annoyance.
Zach Parker wanted nothing to do with me.
But he could be tempted – with a stepping stone to fame, that is.
The plan was simple: Childhood Sweethearts Fall in Love on US Tour.
The plan was to let them see what they wanted to see: our ‘romance’ blossom right in front of their eyes.
A romance that Zach had made painfully clear to me years ago would never exist.
I’m told that it was the only thing that could repair my image.
So, every night I’ll stand on that stage and give Zach my heart piece by piece, note by note.
We’ll give them a show they’ll never forget – and a love story that I may not survive.
Because who cares that in order to put my reputation back together, I’ll have to tear my heart apart?



drrebecca**Healing Heartaches One Alpha at a Time**
I’m a dentist by day and author by night!
Dr. Rebecca Sharp is an International Amazon Best-selling author of contemporary romance. By day, she is also a doctor living in Pennsylvania with her husband. Growing up, she always loved a good love story and let’s face it, when you include a romance novel on your 8th grade summer reading list just to see if the teacher would notice (she didn’t!), she was bound to give writing one of her own a go. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, snowboarding, and cooking.

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reviewreputation4Are you an author looking for some alpha a-holes to write? Trying to find the balance between jerk and bully? Are you a reader looking for your next butt head to fall in love with? Tired of the guy that isn’t really an a-hole but is just bullying the heroine? Are you a blogger, looking for a romance that is new, and doesn’t fit into any category you’ve read before? Look no further, because Reputation is here.

This is a second chance, forbidden, rock star romance, but not in the usual ways. Blake Tyler has ALWAYS been in love with Zach Parker, and when he turned her down and ripped her heart out as a kid, she took that pain and wrote a song, sky rocketing her to fame. Over the years, she’s tried to find true love in a world of glitter and glamour, and failed every time, leaving her with a broken reputation and a label she didn’t earn.

Zach Parker, best friend to Blake’s older brother, has yearned for Baby Blake since he realized she was a woman. The thought of losing his best friend has always stopped him from crossing that line. Instead, he’s pushed Blake away, crushing both their hearts. But Blake’s broken reputation means he has to step in and play hero; a role he’s always wanted but could never take.

If you know me, you know I hate angst and women who can’t take no for an answer. It was kind of a shock to me that I loved this book as much as I did, because I also DON’T like the person this book may or may not resemble, though is not based off of. But every word captured me, and every page left me wanting more. My heart broke for Blake, and it was absolutely crushed by Zach. Even when he tried to do the right thing, he couldn’t seem to win.

But it’s romance, so of course he wins eventually. Every tear Blake’s ever cried for Zach was wiped clean. Every word Zach said to ever push Blake away was forgiven and forgotten. For every bit you hated them separately, you loved them together. I was left completely and utterly amazing novel, filled with heartbreak and love. Rebecca not only put her characters back together again, she taped my heart back together again too. (Though I’m sure she’ll do it to me all over again in her next book).



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