…But you can’t Hide

I received a copy of Run, Hide, Break & Chase, in exchange for honest reviews. Here’s my second one…

blurbhideIt was inevitable that Julia would run into Holden Saunders again. The one person she dreaded seeing and wanted to see the most.

He was still as gorgeous as the first time they had met. Muscular, tall, with his golden brown eyes that said more than what he spoke. They’re opposites in so many ways. He was closed off, and so utterly irritating the last time she was around him. He was rude and bossy but the one man she had been dreaming about for the last year.

Now that she’s back in Lakefield, Julia is getting to know the real Holden. He’s resorting to blackmail, physical dominance and isn’t listening to her protests. He’s the one that tempts her with his vulgar mouth and makes her body sing like no other man.

She can’t decide whether to punch him or kiss him. Maybe both.

They’re up against stalkers, the media, and a lot of bizarre circumstances as she makes a decision about her music career.

But he’s making his intent crystal clear: he’ll protect her, possess her, and make her beg.

Everyone hides something. Julia should know. She’s been trying to hide from her past for the last year. But this troublesome, mischievous man, may not let her hide any longer.

**Full-length standalone romance. 70,000+ words. No cheating, or cliffhangers with a Happily Ever After! Suggested 18+.



Jennifer Vester is a romance author whose ambition is to entertain readers with off-beat female characters and the over-the-top alpha men that love them.

Her books revolve around romantic suspense with a little something for every reader. Always an HEA….(but look out for those twists!) It’s romance suspense after all.

The Lakefield series deals with some very serious subjects at times.

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Julia and Holden were freaking hilarious. I’ve only read one other book from Jennifer Vester, but I honestly had no idea what to expect going into Hide. After finishing Run, I was excited to see how Julia and Holden got together, I just wasn’t expecting it to be a year after Run took place. But Julia needed that time to pretend to heal after everything that went down the year before. I say pretend, because I think she was just ignoring what had happened, not really dealing with it.

When Julia and Holden first met it was instant attraction, mixed with some fire and ice. Julia was all over the place hot, and Holden was literally known as Mr. Ice. Julia continues to believe they just wouldn’t work together, which is part of the reason it takes her a year to come back to Lakefield. What she wasn’t expecting, was to see the human side of Holden. The side that freaks out over her safety. The side that laughs and jokes with her. The side that is totally caveman. The side that is soft and gentle, with only her.

Julia didn’t stand a freaking chance.

One of the things I love about this book and the previous, is the humor infused within every page. Even in the times that are scary, the characters keep it from becoming too heavy. I love Julia’s constant references to having Holden admitted, and Holden flustering the heck out of Julia. These two were explosive in the best way.

Usually, I sympathize heavily with the heroine that has to deal with the alpha male-cause feminism. But in this case, I feel soooo bad for Holden. Julia would drive me to the insane asylum. But it was so funny! And Holden’s parents? I love them. (I’m hoping I see more of them in the next two books…)

My advice? Hop, skip and jump your way over to amazon to pick up this book! Join the Lakefield craziness!



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