Intuitive Series by BJ Bentley Review


intuitivebannerblurbintuitive1aSabrina Rhodes is a small town psychic with a knack for choosing the wrong men. You’d think being psychic would give Sabrina a leg up in the dating game, but that’s just not her luck.

After one particularly bad date, Sabrina’s crush, Sheriff Drake Hayes, comes to her rescue. So, when Sabrina’s not talking to ghosts in her kitchen or playing peasant to her feline overlords, Petal and Duchess, can she finally find ‘the one’ in Drake Hayes?

This short novella is a light, quick, feel-good read. It’s also what I’d call a palate cleanser- what you’d want to read in between all those dark romances or while nursing a book hangover.


intuitive2 Caty

I’m an art teacher in need of a second job. I find exactly what I need, but don’t want, working part time for Stonewall Construction. This job is going to be dull, but it’s going to pay for the art supplies I need in order to showcase my talent. I just need to keep it long enough.


I’ve got a reputation for being a serial dater and a flirt. That’s okay; I know who I am. Being one half of the team that owns Stonewall Construction keeps me out of (most) trouble. Until that pixie-faced firecracker blows into my world.

These two develop a rivalry that tests their sanity. Constantly trying to one-up each other, they’ve declared war. But office pranks soon turn to stolen kisses.

This is a ~20,000 word novella with a HEA.


intuitive3Mia Potter is an introverted bookworm who harbors sexy fantasies starring her dream man, Mitch Hayes. Unfortunately, they’re just friends. What Mia doesn’t know is that Mitch has always wanted more.

He’s just been biding his time. And things are about to change.

This rom-com short story is the conclusion to the Intuitive series and includes a bonus epilogue!


author29136192_175603263078789_8700093008424468480_nFrom her Amazon: I’m a psychic medium, romance author, and cat mom. I shamelessly based my character, Sabrina Rhodes, on myself (write what you know, and all that.) Weaknesses include alpha males and badass babes.
The Intuitive series is a collection of rom-com novellas, and I’m also working on a full-length dark romance novel.
I’m very active on social media, so feel free to stalk me! (Please stalk me, this is a cry for attention.)
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I put all my reviews in one place because these are shorties; I can only write so much before I give away the whole plot.

Do you need something to get you through to the next book? Something to make you smile and laugh until you have to pick up the next soul-stealer? Have you cried your eyes out about a book and now need something short and sweet to cheer you up? Well look no further. These three short “palate cleansers” are definitely the books for you. These three books follow three friends and them falling in love with three brothers.

Handcuffs and Coffee is the story of Sabrina Rhodes, a small time medium, full time cat mom. She is used to people not believing that she has a gift. She meets the sheriff when her neighbor’s house has a small fire, and he is immediately suspicious out by her and her “gift”. Hey, cut him some slack, he’s a cop. Drake Hayes, a.k.a. Sheriff Hunka Hunka Hanky Panky, likes to surprise Sabrina, which she hates, but I’m pretty sure that’s why he does it. There was no drama with this love, which was exactly why I needed it and loved it from the first page. Sabrina and Cat’s friendship was pure gold, and Sabrina’s interactions with those around her were comical. I had a smile on my face through the entire short story. My complaint? This is only in Sabrina’s POV and I’d LOVE to have Drake’s POV.


Masonry and Margaritas is the story of Cat, Sabrina’s best friend, and Asher, Drake’s brother. Cat is an aspiring artist, who teaches classes and works at Asher and Mitch’s construction company. Asher immediately takes to Cat, and loves to piss her off, but mostly because Cat dishes it back. Cat thinks Asher is hot, but that he’s also a jerk, which is fair. What starts out as a simple prank war, turns into margaritas and drunken hookups, and Asher, a.k.a. Anal Wart, claiming that they were gonna happen so get over it (*alphas! swoon*) Cat and Asher’s story was so much fun to read, because who doesn’t love a good prank war? And Asher does everything possible to get Cat to be with him. It doesn’t take a whole lot, because it is a fluff, short novel, but it was still good to see the chase.


I think Temptation and Tea was my favorite installment. Shy, sweet, emptath Mia is hiding her temptress behind a woman who is bogged down with excess emotions. She has admired Mitch from afar, but was always too shy to do anything about it. Mitch realizes right away that she’s shy, so he starts out their relationship as friends. For six monthsBut once these two get together it is hot, hot, hot! I loved every bit of this novel from Mitch’s obsession with all things Marvel, never DC, and Mia’s sweet demeanor and her love of books. I really loved this fluffy romantic comedy. Plus there’s an extra sweet epilogue at the back of the book, that shows you the lives of these three couples. It’s like a double epilogue for all three books. Double epilogue!

These three books were exactly what I needed to get me through to the next dark/emotional romance. Oh and these books are free on Kindle Unlimited.



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