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Coming Home by BJ Bentley Review

arcblurbcominghomeWelcome to the small town of Medicine Wheel, Montana.

Five years ago, Tally and Luke were dreaming of a future with the world at their feet.
Until Luke left Tally behind to join the Army.
With her heart broken the day he left and shattered the day he died, Tally was forced to suffer yet another unimaginable loss.
Left behind, she has had to raise her son and run the family ranch on her own.

Tally’s gotten used to shouldering burdens alone, and she’s comfortable in her routine.
But her world is about to be turned inside out.
Because Luke’s alive.
Now back in Medicine Wheel and determined to reclaim Tally, Luke is surprised to learn that she isn’t the only one he left behind.
Can Luke secure the family he’s always wanted with the woman he left behind and the son he didn’t know he had?
Or will the demons of the past succeed in tearing their family apart for good?


aboutheauthor36828555_219592792013169_1340683108122361856_nFrom her Amazon: I’m a psychic medium, romance author, and cat mom. I shamelessly based my character, Sabrina Rhodes, on myself (write what you know, and all that.) Weaknesses include alpha males and badass babes.
The Intuitive series is a collection of rom-com novellas, and I’m also working on a full-length dark romance novel.
I’m very active on social media, so feel free to stalk me! (Please stalk me, this is a cry for attention.)
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I’m not one for second chance novels- I like the ones where they meet and BOOM they’re together forever. I’m ok with a book being emotional, but the idea that something happened to make soul mates break up and potentially have to forgive something unforgivable (to me) isn’t something I usually go for. It’s not a hard stop for me, it doesn’t make me NOT like it automatically; however it is very difficult for me to really get into it.

That being said… HOLY CRAP this book is good. It’s got angst, love, secret babies, teenage drama and more. Yes, yes I said MORE. Not only is this book different from what I’ve read so far of BJ (and I’ve read it all girl), but this book drew me in on every level. I was entranced from the first page, and left smiling by the last.

While there was stuff I wish was resolved, at the end of the day, this novel sent me on a second chance kick. Though nothing will be like this. Add young love with leaving for the military, plus some hidden pregnancies and a dead man coming back to life with some serious PTSD and you’ve got an action packed novel that DE-LIV-ERS.

If you’ve read the Syndicate Series than you know BJ has these amazingly steamy sex scenes that leave you sitting next to a fan, and just because there are more emotional scenes in Coming Home doesn’t mean the love making isn’t just as amazing. And that’s because Tally and Luke are so connected, and have been since they met at a young age, that it’s so much more intense.

BJ gave me just enough, just enough, foreshadowing as well, that had me literally salivating for the next installment of the Medicine Wheel.



The Long Game by BJ Bentley Review!


Once upon a time, I was the knight in shining armor.
But now my armor is tarnished. Dented.
One botched mission was all it took for this hero to fall from grace.
And that was when I met him- dark, broody, magnetic.
He was broken too. The jagged edges of his pieces cut me, but I thrived on the pain.


I’m no good for anybody.
I know, just ask my family.
But I’m a selfish bastard, so when she walked into my club, I vowed to make her mine.
She was damaged like me. Scarred like me.
But she was also goodness and light.
And my darkness had a way of snuffing out good things.

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36828555_219592792013169_1340683108122361856_n (1).png

From her Amazon: I’m a psychic medium, romance author, and cat mom. I shamelessly based my character, Sabrina Rhodes, on myself (write what you know, and all that.) Weaknesses include alpha males and badass babes.
The Intuitive series is a collection of rom-com novellas, and I’m also working on a full-length dark romance novel.
I’m very active on social media, so feel free to stalk me! (Please stalk me, this is a cry for attention.)
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The Long Game was easily my favorite of the three Syndicate novels. Rafe captured my heart and Lacey broke it. The premise of this novel was different from the other two, but just as naughty and just as captivating. I wanted more from the very minute I started reading.

Rafael Caruso is not a good guy, he’s not the hero, but he’s definitely not a villain either. His present was shaped by an ugly past, one he believed shaped his future as well. Feeling himself unworthy of love and anything good, he closed himself off from everyone, even his two friends Jensen and Aleksander. Even those two didn’t really get past his firewalls. Hacker, protecting his friends’ businesses, gamer, and also vigilante, his world changes when he meets Lacey Montgomery.

Lacey Montgomery has her own scars and demons. She carries her own weight around, carrying the guilt of a young woman’s death on her shoulders. Sent to take down Rafe, she ends up in his bed and in his heart. When she inadvertently betrays the man she has come to love, she runs away…

…but not for long.

This book is filled with revenge, love, and heartbreak. It is easily my favorite of the three Syndicate novels. It was sweet and erotic, it was dominant and submissive, it had a heart wrenching alpha and a woeful heroine. But as with all her books, for as much as these two are broken, they are equally as strong. They fought for their lives, even when they felt they should give up. They were independent, yet dependent on each other. They were broken, but mended their pieces to fit each other.

And they had AMAZING adult time ;).


Kocke Chronicles by some Badass Authors Review!

kockechroniclesarcblurbkockechroniclesFour authors. Four stories. One name… Kocke.

Confident. Alpha. Cocky. This collection of short stories drops you into the fast-paced, attitude-packed world of the Kocke men.

Lawyer. Professor. Policeman. CEO. They rule over the worlds that they work in, but they are about to find out that dominating their professional life is easy compared to controlling their hearts.

Stories included in this anthology:

Kocke Professor, where grades aren’t the only thing on the line. (Danica Dawn)
Kocke Lawyer, where falling for the boss has its appeal. (BJ Bentley)
Kocke Cop, where catching your dream girl involves catching a bullet. (Paula-Michelle Trotter)
Kocke CEO, where one man’s online dating profile swipes him for a whole lot more than he bargained for. (Dr. Rebecca Sharp)

*These stories are light-hearted, light reading and were written in tribute to the events of #cockygate in an attempt to fight with light.



First of all… check out that author collection!! That’s crazy! BJ Bentley and Rebecca Sharp are just two of my go-to authors when I need a good book. I know they will always deliver. Danica Dawn is a new author, but I’m so looking forward to her work (especially after reading Kocke Professor!). Paula-Michelle Trotter is a new-to-me author… but after reading Kocke Cop, I’m gonna need more. Just sayin’.

So this collection (that really is badass) came together to write an anthology to fight back against #cockygate (and did I hear right? The TM has been dropped?!). Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Cait, another anthology? Is it worth it?” GIRL/GUY/WHATEVER you need this.

Kocke Professor isn’t the usual taboo romance either. It’s steamy, with an alpha male (I mean-they’re all alpha but I’m down with it) that’s been obsessing over his student. His student, Demetria, has been secretly crushing on the professor that bogs her down with homework. However… there’s a twist that made my heart break and made me go “OMG”. It was unexpected, in all the best ways.

Kocke Lawyer was a BJ classic. Funny, sexy, with a little angst to keep that page on your kindle flipping until you’re drooling for more! Kevin and Dani are two forces to be reckoned with, in and out of the bedroom. Together, they make a powerhouse couple that makes you want a full length novel. AND AND AND she adds in some cocky drama ;).

Kocke Cop had a weird beginning, and made you kind of want to punch Kaden in the face. His arrogance beat out even Killian’s. His friends-with-benefits, Candy, is his perfect girl… except he doesn’t do relationships. He’s fine with his single life, and with annoying Candy with her nick name… until something happens that causes both to say their true feelings. Add in some crazy into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a BANGING novella.

Now… Kocke CEO is the last of the bunch… and Rebecca DE-LIV-ERS on her alpha-hole (she really does them oh-so-well). But in true Kocke/badass collection/Rebecca form, the twists in this novella are all over the place. And GUUUUUUURRLLLL when they finally fall into bed together, it’s totally worth it. (Finally– it’s a freaking novella Cait!)

My absolute favorite thing in this novella is that each one of these heroines is smart, capable, and not falling over their feet to impress the guy. They’re not belittling themselves, or weak in any way. They are strong, independent women, falling for men that are cocky and sure of themselves. Even in the short pages of the novella, you can tell these women bring their men to their knees, making them better men.


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Sleight of Hand by BJ Bentley Review!


I grew up on the streets, a product of someone else’s bad choices.
I clawed, fought, and stole in order to survive.
You’d think growing up that way would make me tough. Make me hard.
Truth was, I wanted to do good.
But doing good brought me something very, very bad.


You could say I had it all. Money. Respect. Women.
The fear of those beneath me.
I had everything I wanted.
But I had an obsession that became a need.
I knew what I needed, and what I needed was her.

Aleksander Magnus is one-third of the Syndicate. A criminal CEO who thrives on control. So, when he meets Bertie, his sparrow, will he give in to the desire to cage his little bird, or will he open his heart and allow them both to fly free?

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author29136192_175603263078789_8700093008424468480_nFrom her Amazon: I’m a psychic medium, romance author, and cat mom. I shamelessly based my character, Sabrina Rhodes, on myself (write what you know, and all that.) Weaknesses include alpha males and badass babes.
The Intuitive series is a collection of rom-com novellas, and I’m also working on a full-length dark romance novel.
I’m very active on social media, so feel free to stalk me! (Please stalk me, this is a cry for attention.)
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Alright, ok, I can totally write this review and not fan girl too much. Right? Right. Ok. Here goes nothin’.

ALEKSANDER is the devil and I freaking love it. He may not be your typical mafioso, but he is definitely uber powerful in his business. We met him in Finders Keepers, and if you read it, you know there were some super trigger warnings. Now, there aren’t really triggers in this book (maybe? everyone’s are different), but it really depends on your definition of safe. Aleks isn’t one to believe in that love at first sight, junk. And he’s not going to let a little girl that he wants more than anything, come in between him and his empire.


Roberta, BERTIE, is a strong independent who don’t need no man, and she doesn’t want one. And she’s so good at her job, she sends Aleks on a merry little chase. (Yes, the Aleks that’s all “I’m a big CEO, I don’t want love” Aleks.) She is sassy and fierce, and she’s smart as hell. She’s good at running, hiding, stealing, and eating pie (trust me, that’s important). She is a hell of a survivor, and learned early on she could only count on herself. But something in her says to go to Aleksander, and she firmly shuts that down in her head.

These two burn up the sheets as much as they burn the world. I love BJ Bentley’s heroines because they’re not weak damsels in distress. Bertie makes sure to mark her territory (Aleks) as much as Aleks does the same. Neither are afraid of pleasure, and Aleks teaches Bertie new ways to explore her own pleasure, and the pain/pleasure combo. There are some Dom/sub vibes in here. Aleks isn’t making Bertie kneel whenever he enters the room or anything, but there is a definite box their relationship is in.

At first, because Bertie is Bertie, she resists the kind of pleasure Aleks can give her by owning every inch of her, but it just added to the dynamics of their relationship. They are both possessive of the other, which translates into some really sexy times in the sheets… and out of them.

And good lord the drama! Bertie, just like Charlotte once did, gets herself into some nasty situations. Lucky for her, she’s not part of the family, and nobody messes with the family (get it?!). Aleks fell down the same rabbit hole that Jensen did, and fell in love with a woman not afraid to get dirty. I actually think it’s a necessity for me to have an epilogue or novella somewhere to show how these women are changing the Syndicate because I guarantee they help the guys… not that the guys want their girls doing any work.

Ok, I’m getting a little talkative, and at this point I don’t know what to say other than READ THE BOOK YOU WILL LOVE IT.  You may hate Aleks sometimes, and wonder what the heck Bertie is doing, but BJ Bentley keeps true to who her characters are. This work, this series so far, is authentic and bloody and I love it. I cannot wait to see what the series brings because I need it!


Intuitive Series by BJ Bentley Review


intuitivebannerblurbintuitive1aSabrina Rhodes is a small town psychic with a knack for choosing the wrong men. You’d think being psychic would give Sabrina a leg up in the dating game, but that’s just not her luck.

After one particularly bad date, Sabrina’s crush, Sheriff Drake Hayes, comes to her rescue. So, when Sabrina’s not talking to ghosts in her kitchen or playing peasant to her feline overlords, Petal and Duchess, can she finally find ‘the one’ in Drake Hayes?

This short novella is a light, quick, feel-good read. It’s also what I’d call a palate cleanser- what you’d want to read in between all those dark romances or while nursing a book hangover.


intuitive2 Caty

I’m an art teacher in need of a second job. I find exactly what I need, but don’t want, working part time for Stonewall Construction. This job is going to be dull, but it’s going to pay for the art supplies I need in order to showcase my talent. I just need to keep it long enough.


I’ve got a reputation for being a serial dater and a flirt. That’s okay; I know who I am. Being one half of the team that owns Stonewall Construction keeps me out of (most) trouble. Until that pixie-faced firecracker blows into my world.

These two develop a rivalry that tests their sanity. Constantly trying to one-up each other, they’ve declared war. But office pranks soon turn to stolen kisses.

This is a ~20,000 word novella with a HEA.


intuitive3Mia Potter is an introverted bookworm who harbors sexy fantasies starring her dream man, Mitch Hayes. Unfortunately, they’re just friends. What Mia doesn’t know is that Mitch has always wanted more.

He’s just been biding his time. And things are about to change.

This rom-com short story is the conclusion to the Intuitive series and includes a bonus epilogue!


author29136192_175603263078789_8700093008424468480_nFrom her Amazon: I’m a psychic medium, romance author, and cat mom. I shamelessly based my character, Sabrina Rhodes, on myself (write what you know, and all that.) Weaknesses include alpha males and badass babes.
The Intuitive series is a collection of rom-com novellas, and I’m also working on a full-length dark romance novel.
I’m very active on social media, so feel free to stalk me! (Please stalk me, this is a cry for attention.)
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I put all my reviews in one place because these are shorties; I can only write so much before I give away the whole plot.

Do you need something to get you through to the next book? Something to make you smile and laugh until you have to pick up the next soul-stealer? Have you cried your eyes out about a book and now need something short and sweet to cheer you up? Well look no further. These three short “palate cleansers” are definitely the books for you. These three books follow three friends and them falling in love with three brothers.

Handcuffs and Coffee is the story of Sabrina Rhodes, a small time medium, full time cat mom. She is used to people not believing that she has a gift. She meets the sheriff when her neighbor’s house has a small fire, and he is immediately suspicious out by her and her “gift”. Hey, cut him some slack, he’s a cop. Drake Hayes, a.k.a. Sheriff Hunka Hunka Hanky Panky, likes to surprise Sabrina, which she hates, but I’m pretty sure that’s why he does it. There was no drama with this love, which was exactly why I needed it and loved it from the first page. Sabrina and Cat’s friendship was pure gold, and Sabrina’s interactions with those around her were comical. I had a smile on my face through the entire short story. My complaint? This is only in Sabrina’s POV and I’d LOVE to have Drake’s POV.


Masonry and Margaritas is the story of Cat, Sabrina’s best friend, and Asher, Drake’s brother. Cat is an aspiring artist, who teaches classes and works at Asher and Mitch’s construction company. Asher immediately takes to Cat, and loves to piss her off, but mostly because Cat dishes it back. Cat thinks Asher is hot, but that he’s also a jerk, which is fair. What starts out as a simple prank war, turns into margaritas and drunken hookups, and Asher, a.k.a. Anal Wart, claiming that they were gonna happen so get over it (*alphas! swoon*) Cat and Asher’s story was so much fun to read, because who doesn’t love a good prank war? And Asher does everything possible to get Cat to be with him. It doesn’t take a whole lot, because it is a fluff, short novel, but it was still good to see the chase.


I think Temptation and Tea was my favorite installment. Shy, sweet, emptath Mia is hiding her temptress behind a woman who is bogged down with excess emotions. She has admired Mitch from afar, but was always too shy to do anything about it. Mitch realizes right away that she’s shy, so he starts out their relationship as friends. For six monthsBut once these two get together it is hot, hot, hot! I loved every bit of this novel from Mitch’s obsession with all things Marvel, never DC, and Mia’s sweet demeanor and her love of books. I really loved this fluffy romantic comedy. Plus there’s an extra sweet epilogue at the back of the book, that shows you the lives of these three couples. It’s like a double epilogue for all three books. Double epilogue!

These three books were exactly what I needed to get me through to the next dark/emotional romance. Oh and these books are free on Kindle Unlimited.



Trigger Warning! Finder’s Keepers by BJ Bentley

I was a world-class thief.
I was tasked with stealing a valuable artifact in order to save my brother’s life.
I must avoid detection, evade capture, and meet my deadline.
Unfortunately, my plans go awry when Jensen Holm, a dangerous and powerful criminal himself, finds me in his home.
And decides to keep me.
I was a criminal kingpin.
I collected rare and beautiful things, and nothing was more rare or beautiful than this thief who intended to steal from me.
I had to show her who was in control.
I had to show her who she belonged to.
I had to show her that she had stolen my heart.
**Finders Keepers is a dark romance with possible triggers for graphic violence and non-consensual situations.


29136192_175603263078789_8700093008424468480_nFrom her Amazon: I’m a psychic medium, romance author, and cat mom. I shamelessly based my character, Sabrina Rhodes, on myself (write what you know, and all that.) Weaknesses include alpha males and badass babes.
The Intuitive series is a collection of rom-com novellas, and I’m also working on a full-length dark romance novel.
I’m very active on social media, so feel free to stalk me! (Please stalk me, this is a cry for attention.)
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Ok, I’m so going to contradict myself here. Remember my post about things I hated reading about? One of those things was abuse… Well, I just read this book that contains non-consensual situations, and freely states what it is, but I still loved it. I think one of the things I liked was that the author didn’t gloss over it, or say it was something else. Jensen is a bad guy, who thinks of Charlotte as a possession to do what he pleases. However, I was sucked into this book from the prologue, and I couldn’t stop reading. At all. I need to remember to read warnings better… I still would have read this book though. (I think we all have exceptions to our rules… except cheating!)


This is the story of Charlotte Benson, pixie, a thief who makes a rookie mistake and is captured by Jensen Holm, a criminal and a collector. He collects beautiful things, and when he catches Charlotte trying to steal something from him, he decides to collect her too. He’s not used to women not wanting him. And he’s not used to being so possessive over one woman.

Poor criminal is still learning…

Jensen slowly comes to terms with his feelings for Charlotte, including the *spoiler* regret he feels over how he treated her in the beginning. I also like the fact that he knows what he did to her, and how it was wrong, and he tries to make up for it, in his Jensen way. And Charlotte has a sense of humor despite what she’s going through at the hands of Jensen. Neither Jensen, Charlotte, nor the author make light of a non-consensual situation. It is not a joke. But it is a part of the world Jensen and Charlotte are apart of so it was in the book.

This is the story of Jensen finding his humanity and Charlotte coming to love his humanity, and his darkness.

This novel is extremely dark. Seriously dark. It has trigger warnings all over the freaking place. Definitely one of the darkest I’ve ever read. That may help me wrap my head around Jensen’s treatment of Charlotte in the beginning, and if not accept it, move on from it. I’m not Charlotte, though, so I really don’t have to accept it. This book also moves extremely fast. Jensen gets over his criminal-minded crap fast. They fall in love, fast. Jensen kills a lot of people-fast. I got the book in the morning, and finished it by the end of the day.

By the end of the book, my heart fell in love with the characters BJ Bentley created, and I fell in love with this book. It was so good. Their love is darkness. Their love is criminal. This book is not going to be fore everybody, but if you can make it past the super ugliness it gets so much better! So…

Can I have the next book?

P.S. DOUBLE EPILOGUES!! (We all know how much I love those…)