Jennifer Vester did it again.

newarcbannerblurbdamageWhat if the pivotal moment in your life, hinged upon all the events that happened in your past?

Suzanne had survived, had endured. At least that’s what she told herself. So many mistakes littered her life, and she was determined not to repeat them.

Living in Lakefield, with the memories of a man she loved and lost hanging over her, she decides to embark on a new life. It’s a choice that will put a series of events in motion, that could ultimately save her or break her.
When she meets a man who isn’t who he says he is, her reality is suddenly altered, and nothing is quite what she thought it was. Everything in both of their lives will dramatically change.

Fighting against their pasts and a determined killer, two people that thought they knew what defined them, will have to rethink what they know about themselves and each other.

With love and their future on the line, they’ll have to find a way to survive the maniac that’s working to destroy them.
Release Date: April 24th, 2018

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Jennifer Vester is a romance author whose ambition is to entertain readers with off-beat female characters and the over-the-top alpha men that love them.

Her books revolve around romantic suspense with a little something for every reader. Always an HEA….(but look out for those twists!) It’s romance suspense after all.

The Lakefield series deals with some very serious subjects at times.

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I just want to start out by apologizing in advanced for the shouty caps- there will probably be a lot of them.

Can I give something more than five stars? Because that’s what this was. It was amazing. It was everything I wanted and needed from the last Lakefield book (though I’m sad it’s over!). This book wrecked me. I was 15% in, FIFTEEN PERCENT IN when Jennifer Vester started breaking me with this book. Did it get any better? NO. If I thought Break had plot twists, it was nothing– NOTHING– compared to Damage. Ok, now to try and write this without giving anything away…

Suzanne has been a figure in the Lakefield series since Olivia’s story. She and Cade had been dancing around each other for awhile, but they hadn’t acted on it. And then Break happened and Cade DIED. And left me completely destroyed. Eight months after his death, Suzanne decides it’s time to move back home, away from Lakefield and the memories, and help her mom. When she moves home, she meets Mark, the manager of the bar and grill she applied to work at.

Sparks fly immediately between these two. But what happens when a serial killer targets Suzanne? Alpha Mark comes out. And, Mark is hiding his own secrets– secrets that will wreck Suzanne all over again. Can she handle it?

Well, duh she’s awesome. She can handle anything. Including alpha males that don’t know when to shut up, or trust her to make the right decisions. She can handle the FBI and Latimer security getting involved. She’s a fighter, so she’s going to fight for everything, and everyone, she wants.

This book was gold. GOLD. And it was an amazing conclusion to the series. (Can I get a petition to add Brock’s brothers to the series? I’m not ready to let the craziness go). I hope my review got across how much I loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of this book, I devoured this book. It wrecked me in all the best ways. I have a book hangover now. Excuse me while I try to drown myself in another book while I desperately try to move on from the epicness this novel was.

Cracked Grunge Background.5star

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