Cover Reveal for Frozen Memories by Cassie Faber!


Blurb for Frozen Memories Cover Reveal
An Angelbay Harbour Series Book One

Redeemed bad boy Boh Mason has been running for all of his life to protect those he loves from the demons of his past. He ends up in the small coastal town of Angelbay
Harbour, where young and talented Claire Forester literally
falls into his arms. The unworldly, innocent co-owner of Angel’s Cupcakes & Flowers, who is fighting to regain lost memories after a devastating car accident, finds herself inexplicably attracted to the mysterious stranger.

When his past pulls him into an inescapable web of corruption, he discovers for the first time in his life that running is not an option, and Claire realises that the key to unearthing her memories is in the hands of the person who will change her world irrevocably…


cassief.jpgI’m the oldest of three girls, born in a small town with a big diamond mine. My love for writing and reading started from a young age and going off by myself with a notebook and pen in hand was one of my favourite past times. I am an introvert, yeah, I know right, you didn’t see that one coming! I dislike crowds which means I do my shopping super early, like when the doors open I’m there. I love cupcakes, cakes, any baking really and pasta! I have a twelve-year-old black cat who’s addicted to catnip aka kitty crack, I love sweet tea, pink cotton candy, butter on toast and fairy lights. I’m a book hoarder, lover of stationery and notebooks, Chapstick addict, and love to crochet when time allows. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two wonderful boys who make me proud to call myself a mom. My family has always been super supportive and for that I am grateful. Surrounding yourself with people who understand your passion is so important and a lifeline on those days you feel like throwing all your notebooks in a box and burning it.(Not that I’ve ever wanted to do that, it would kill me…seriously guys!) Music plays a very important part in my writing. I have heaps of playlists for inspiration but I’m a country girl at heart and some of my favourite country artists are Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini, Raelyn and Ashley McBride. The series I’m working on now has been years in the making. It started out with a scene I had in my head of a girl lying on the snowy riverbank, and a dog…. that’s it, and the rest is history!



Frozen Memories Cover.jpg

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