Forever by Anna B. Doe Review

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This story is as old as time.
Girl meets boy.
They fall in love and, after their fair share of highs and lows, they finally get their happily ever after …
Only in my story, happily ever after seems to be so far away.
William and I are together, but we’re apart.
It’s hard and painful, but we make do because not being together is harder than having a long-distance relationship.
Every turn is more painful than the last, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it.
If we are ready for it.

For more than a year, I waited.
For more than a year, I was a good boy playing by the rules.
For more than a year, I’ve been waiting for the right moment.
I gave her time she needed.
The time we needed.
I watched her go in and out of my life, time and time again.
But I’m done playing this game.
I can see the pain in her eyes. The pain that matches my own.
It’s time to end this and claim what’s mine.
Because I’m hers, and she’s mine and we … We’re forever.

Review of Lost & FoundReview of Until


Anna B. Doe is an author of the contemporary romance novel Lost & Found and Until (coming January 2018). She has bachelor’s degree in Education Science and Spanish from the University of Zadar. She works full time in an office and gives English and Spanish classes in her free time. When she’s not working for living or writing her newest book you can find her reading books, watching TV shows, or traveling the world. She is addicted to coffee and a big lover of dogs. Anna writes what she loves to read, which is romance. She is currently working on various projects. Some more secret than others.

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I laughed, I cried, I complained to Anna, I cried some more happy tears, and I smiled so hard my cheeks hurt. At the end of Lost & Found, Will and Ana decided to have a long distance relationship while she finished school. Forever continues their story, their heartbreak every time they had to leave each other, the drama they dealt with not living in the same country, the important events they had to miss for each other, because they couldn’t fly back and forth across the ocean that often.

When I was going to college, an hour and half away by train, away from my man I saw him once a week and I thought I’d cry all the time. I couldn’t imagine not seeing him for MONTHS. But reading Will and Ana’s story, the one Anna crafted, made it easier to believe it was happening to me. I could feel every emotion Will and Ana felt, though I’m a *tad* over dramatic usually so add whatever they felt times, like, ten. When they were happy, I felt like my cheeks hurt from smiling so much, and when they were hurting, my heart hurt with them. I cried (A LOT) happy and sad tears.

In the teasers for this novella, Anna called it heartbreaking- and in some ways, it was. Every time Ana or Will had to leave each other, I felt my own heart crack open as if I were experiencing it with them, by their side, in the relationship. That is all because of the beautiful way Anna writes and captures her audience. When I read Lost & Found, there were times Ana annoyed me, in her reluctance to admit, even to herself, her feeling for Will. But in Forever I was so incredibly proud of the progress Ana made as a person and in her relationship. Will always fought for Ana in the beginning, but you can feel her fighting for Will in here.

The pages and chapters flew by, as every moment I wanted to know what was happening next. Anna is now tormenting me with her next project, as I try to cope with the ending of Will and Ana (I’M NOT HANDLING IT WELL). This couple will go down as one of my favorite books, and favorite couple. I urge you to pick up this series and fall in love with these characters as I have, (AND THEN TALK TO ME ABOUT IT). I promise you, you will not regret beginning this journey.


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