Stoking Her Fire by Mila Crawford Review!

newarcbannerblurbstokingherfireI’d always loved her, even if she never knew.

Growing up as Avery’s friend was the hardest part, especially when all I wanted to do was claim her as mine. But I was that awkward, geeky kid with the black-rimmed glasses, a social outcast.

Time and distance had separated us, but I never forgot about her. My love for Avery never lessened. It only grew.

Now back in town, working as a firefighter, I doubt she’ll recognize me. I’m big, strong, and confident, so different from who I was all those years ago. Seeing her again after so long has me realizing too much time has passed. I know what has to be done.

I need to let Avery know she’s mine and that nothing and no one will stop me from claiming her.

Warning: This is a friends-to-lovers, double virgin safe romance that also has that spark of filth thrown in. Yes, you read that right … double virgins. No need to wear protection for this one because these two know exactly what they want, and that’s each other.



Mila Crawford loves romance, especially dirty short stories that are safe and have a happy ending. So she decided to start writing her own.

What can you expect form her books? No cheating, no OW/OM drama, always celibate or virgin characters, and of course a HEA … An all around SAFE book!


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Have you been reading a lot of dark romance lately? Lots of blood and gore? Maybe read some super angsty books? Needing something lighter to get you through? A super safe, super sweet, super steamy novella to get you through to the next book that destroys you? Is it not your day, week, month or even your year? Try downloading Stoking Her Fire (Free on Kindle Unlimited!). It is super sweet, with some double virgin action, that will keep you smiling from start to finish.

Stoking Her Fire is my favorite kind of second chance romance. The one where both know they fell in love a long time ago, and instead of trying to find someone to replace their love, they hold out until they can see them again. So sweet you’re going to need a trip to the dentist after, but so incredibly worth it. This short little novella maybe wasn’t super realistic, but it was just the kind of novella I love to read.

There was minimal drama, but there was a sassy grandma in it.

Jackson and Avery met in high school, when Jackson was the socially awkward nerd and Avery was the social butterfly. Avery was overcompensating for a rough childhood by being everyone’s best friend, but her connection to Jackson ran deeper than that, even as a child. Jackson knew he loved Avery since he was the nerdy teen, but moved away before he had the guts to confront her with his feelings.

Six years later and Jackson is seriously buffed up and a firefighter. He’s also back in town to claim the one woman who has ever held his heart. He and Avery meet by chance, but move very quickly. Distance definitely made the heart grow fonder in this novella, and neither want to waste anymore time.

I’ve read a couple of Mila’s books now, most were before I started reviewing and I was a punk who read books and never reviewed. So I knew when I got this book that I was going to love it. Mila always gives you short and sweet, but also naughty. Her books are so worth the one-click, or the free download if you’re on KU (BONUS: She’s not a bookstuffer so yay!)


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