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Kocke Chronicles by some Badass Authors Review!

kockechroniclesarcblurbkockechroniclesFour authors. Four stories. One name… Kocke.

Confident. Alpha. Cocky. This collection of short stories drops you into the fast-paced, attitude-packed world of the Kocke men.

Lawyer. Professor. Policeman. CEO. They rule over the worlds that they work in, but they are about to find out that dominating their professional life is easy compared to controlling their hearts.

Stories included in this anthology:

Kocke Professor, where grades aren’t the only thing on the line. (Danica Dawn)
Kocke Lawyer, where falling for the boss has its appeal. (BJ Bentley)
Kocke Cop, where catching your dream girl involves catching a bullet. (Paula-Michelle Trotter)
Kocke CEO, where one man’s online dating profile swipes him for a whole lot more than he bargained for. (Dr. Rebecca Sharp)

*These stories are light-hearted, light reading and were written in tribute to the events of #cockygate in an attempt to fight with light.



First of all… check out that author collection!! That’s crazy! BJ Bentley and Rebecca Sharp are just two of my go-to authors when I need a good book. I know they will always deliver. Danica Dawn is a new author, but I’m so looking forward to her work (especially after reading Kocke Professor!). Paula-Michelle Trotter is a new-to-me author… but after reading Kocke Cop, I’m gonna need more. Just sayin’.

So this collection (that really is badass) came together to write an anthology to fight back against #cockygate (and did I hear right? The TM has been dropped?!). Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Cait, another anthology? Is it worth it?” GIRL/GUY/WHATEVER you need this.

Kocke Professor isn’t the usual taboo romance either. It’s steamy, with an alpha male (I mean-they’re all alpha but I’m down with it) that’s been obsessing over his student. His student, Demetria, has been secretly crushing on the professor that bogs her down with homework. However… there’s a twist that made my heart break and made me go “OMG”. It was unexpected, in all the best ways.

Kocke Lawyer was a BJ classic. Funny, sexy, with a little angst to keep that page on your kindle flipping until you’re drooling for more! Kevin and Dani are two forces to be reckoned with, in and out of the bedroom. Together, they make a powerhouse couple that makes you want a full length novel. AND AND AND she adds in some cocky drama ;).

Kocke Cop had a weird beginning, and made you kind of want to punch Kaden in the face. His arrogance beat out even Killian’s. His friends-with-benefits, Candy, is his perfect girl… except he doesn’t do relationships. He’s fine with his single life, and with annoying Candy with her nick name… until something happens that causes both to say their true feelings. Add in some crazy into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a BANGING novella.

Now… Kocke CEO is the last of the bunch… and Rebecca DE-LIV-ERS on her alpha-hole (she really does them oh-so-well). But in true Kocke/badass collection/Rebecca form, the twists in this novella are all over the place. And GUUUUUUURRLLLL when they finally fall into bed together, it’s totally worth it. (Finally– it’s a freaking novella Cait!)

My absolute favorite thing in this novella is that each one of these heroines is smart, capable, and not falling over their feet to impress the guy. They’re not belittling themselves, or weak in any way. They are strong, independent women, falling for men that are cocky and sure of themselves. Even in the short pages of the novella, you can tell these women bring their men to their knees, making them better men.


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