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I love the Chase

Did I just make a reference to Garbage? Yes, yes I did.

I received a copy of Run, Hide, Break & Chase, in exchange for honest reviews. Here’s my fouth one… Damage releases April 24th!

chase.jpgAndi had it all figured out.

She had a sweet job for the summer working at a luxury hotel and her brother was happy. That’s all she really needed and that’s all she wanted to focus on.

Her horrible past was way behind her and she was making a better life for them both. Even if it was built on a lie, it was better than the one they had. She gave up chasing her dreams long ago.

She would keep their secret. To protect her brother. To protect herself.

Then he showed up.

He’s out to catch a criminal and asking for her help.

Brock, the genius — He wasn’t modest about it.
Brock, the incredibly inquisitive — He wasn’t going to give up.
Brock, the guy with the GQ looks and bad boy reputation — He wasn’t denying it.

He was asking for the truth about her past that she couldn’t give. If she told him it could risk everything.

But Brock is in this to win and it’s hard to deny those stormy green eyes and kinky whispers in her ear. Chasing her seems to be his new priority and he’s playing dirty. If he caught her what would he do?

He may be digging into Andi’s life but this controlling and complex alpha male has some secrets of his own.

Lies and secrets. Everyone told them and had them. How far would they go to keep them?

**Full-length standalone romance. 80,000+ words. No cheating or cliffhangers with a Happily Ever After!



Jennifer Vester is a romance author whose ambition is to entertain readers with off-beat female characters and the over-the-top alpha men that love them.

Her books revolve around romantic suspense with a little something for every reader. Always an HEA….(but look out for those twists!) It’s romance suspense after all.

The Lakefield series deals with some very serious subjects at times.

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YES! The references to committing their other half is back! Let’s be honest, if you haven’t considered seriously murdering and or committing someone to a mental hospital, do you really love them?

Ever since Andi slapped Brock in Break, I have been looking forward to their story. Brock’s obsession with keeping tabs on everyone and everything made for a good mental patient- I mean love interest. It’s bad enough to have an alpha that is obsessed with your safety and has psychopathic tendencies, but add in a tech genius and what do you get? Madness. And I loved every second of it.

Brock and Andi have chemistry off the charts, and they’re not afraid to give the other one hell. Andi has a rough past, one that she is hiding from if only to protect her brother, and Brock is hell bent and determined to find out what that past is. For someone who knows everything, can crack every puzzle, he has a hard time cracking Andi. So he goes about it the old fashioned way- seduction. Andi fights hard to trust Brock, but the nature of his job means he’s kept secrets. Secrets that affect their relationship.

This book didn’t have as many plot twists as the previous one, thank God because I don’t know if my heart could handle it, to be honest. There were still a few, and they were good ones, but makes you question whether Brock really is insane or if he’s got the right idea. I love that Andi puts Brock through hell, but Brock puts her through just as much. He is known as a player and flirt, but from the moment he met Andi, he stopped.

Are we going to see more of Brock’s dungeon though? Because I really like the dungeon…

The Lakefield crew is as crazy as ever, but they stick together. I cannot WAIT for Damage to be released in three weeks. Each of these books has gotten better and better, and Jennifer’s wit continues to keep me laughing the whole time.