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Your Rhythm by Katia Rose

newarcbannerblurbyourrhythmYou know what they say: save a snare, bang a drummer.

Kay Fischer is well aware of what they say, and she intends to ignore it completely.

After her first step into the world of music journalism ended with a screw-up so royal it deserved a crown, Kay’s been struggling to re-stack the building blocks of her career. Salvation comes in the form of Sherbrooke Station, the latest alt-rock craze to grace Montreal’s legendary music scene.

A front page feature on the band everyone’s talking about seems like a foolproof shot at success, even after Kay meets their drummer. Matt Pearson might have a smile sexy enough to be the eighth deadly sin and a passion for music so powerful it makes her heart ache, but Kay’s got things under control.

She’s a professional, goddammit, and a professional would not get tongue-tied over a source, even a source who’s a six-foot, tattooed rock god with an affinity for tight jeans.

A professional would not find herself opening her door at an hour long past midnight to pull said source inside and lead him to her bed.

No, that’s not at all what a professional would do.

‘Your Rhythm’ is part of the Sherbrooke Station Quartet, a series of steamy rock star standalones from the author of ‘Latte Girl’ and ‘Thigh Highs.’

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authorkatiaroseKatia Rose is not much of a Pina Colada person, but she does like getting caught in the rain. She prefers her romance served steamy with a side of smart, and is a sucker for quirky characters. A habit of jetting off to distant countries means she’s rarely in one place for very long, but she calls the frigid northland that is Canada home.



reviewDrums conceptual image.

First, please ignore the fact that I can’t spell Rhythm or use spell check on the graphics.

This book was different, for me, when reading Rock Star romances. Usually I read romances where the girl is a nobody(in terms of fame, YOU ALL MATTER), and the guy is a famous Rock Star bored with the groupies. They’re usually drug addicts, or recovering addicts and the girl they fall for is the one that heals them, or whatever. There is 100% nothing wrong with this trope. It can be enjoyable, if done the right way. However, Katia Rose depicts something different and fresh.

Matt Pearson is the drummer for a new and upcoming band, Sherbrook Station. He is responsible, not into using drugs but instead really focused on making the best music he can make with his band, his brothers. He meets Kay Fischer when his band mate, Ace, forgets to go to an interview so Matt goes in his place. BOOM fireworks! He recognizes that Kay is attractive, and he wants to see her again, so he makes sure they have to. Although underhanded, he also recognizes Kay wouldn’t call him unless absolutely necessary.

Kay Fischer has been burned, badly, by the industry and her ex. She is a reporter, who always loved music and wanted to tell the story of the musicians. When she started to dig around in the wrong music group, she is working for a newspaper where she can hide and lick her wounds. From the minute she meets Matt, she feels a connection to him, one she tries to bury. But when she’s charged with writing a story on the band, Matt and Kay work in close quarters.

One of my favorite things about this story, something that will be my favorite in any book I ever read, is the level of respect these two have for each other. They fight with each other, and for each other, but there is a deeper level of respect for both their professions. Kay wants to hide their relationship because it could cause her to lose her already tattered reputation, and although Matt would rather scream from the rooftops that he is with Kay Fischer, he doesn’t pressure her for more than she can give. And it’s not the “I WANT TO SHAKE THIS GIRL” kind of “this is all I can give” it’s one that you understand her reservations, and her fear of putting her job, and her heart, on the line. And Kay, though she didn’t like Sherbrooke Station at first, comes to love not only the band, but Matt’s dedication to his band and his music. And she would do anything to make sure he keeps his love of music.

This book was amazing. I had my reservations in the beginning, but I loved Kay from the start. And from the line “I swear a lot when I’m cold” because if that isn’t me I don’t know what is. There was just enough drama, and push and pull, to keep me thoroughly invested in both Kay and Matt, without wanting to gag or pull my hair out of my head. After reading this, I read Thigh Highs by Katia Rose, in hopes that it wasn’t a one time thing (and also because I follow Katia on Instagram and won a copy in a giveaway- so you should follow her too), and I was not disappointed. After I write the reviews I need to write for a bunch of books… I’m going to download all the books I can by her!

The only thing that brought this book down for me in stars, is that there is a bunch of French in it, which is understandable since it’s set in Canada, but there were no translations! I love some mix of languages in a book, but I know not a word of French. And I tried looking stuff up, but it took away from the flow of the novel, and if I just ignored the French, I felt I was missing something in the dialogue.


Defile by Jessica Prince Review

newarcbannerblurbdefileDeclan Forrester is arrogant, selfish, and insanely sexy.
He was the very first boy I ever loved.
Then fame and fortune turned
him into a man I no longer recognized. I tried to give him
everything he needed, and in return…
he broke my heart.

Now he’s back, and he wants to make things right.
What started as love turned to hate. I told myself I’d
never fall for him again, but he’s determined to
prove me wrong.

He wants to win me.
He wants to own me.
He wants to defile me.

And if I’m not careful…
I just might let him.

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My Review of Corrupt



Born and raised around Houston, Jessica is a self proclaimed caffeine addict, connoisseur of inexpensive wine, and the worst driver in the state of Texas. In addition to being all of these things, she’s first and foremost a wife and mom.
Growing up, she shared her mom and grandmother’s love of reading. But where they leaned toward murder mysteries, Jessica was obsessed with all things romance.
When she’s not nose deep in her next manuscript, you can usually find her with her kindle in hand.

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How do you forgive someone when they cheated on you? When they broke the promises they made to you? When you and the love of your life are falling apart? Can you find love with the person that broke you again?

I hate cheating. If a book has cheating in it, I’m done. It gives me anxiety and hives. I once read a book with cheating in it, and had anxiety for WEEKS, and DNF, but then read the second book to make sure they were ok. I’ve never been cheated on, but it’s a trigger for me and I start freaking out. So after reading Corrupt, I knew I had Defile waiting for me to read and I got nervous. Nowhere in the blurb does it say there was cheating. But Declan and Tatum have history, history that goes back to them being seven years old. They get together young, and Declan and the band make it big when they’re still young. While Tatum is struggling to still be an individual, Declan is caving to the pressures of stardom. In Corrupt, it already says that Deck cheated on Tatum, so I’m not giving that away, but I won’t say what happened. All I’ll say is that I wanted to CRY SO BAD. But it didn’t give me anxiety. I don’t know why (maybe because Jessica Prince is amazing?)

Ten years later, Tatum and Declan are in the same room together, after not being in the same room since it happened. My heart absolutely broke for Tatum, but she made the best of herself. She found who she was, and I think she needed to be away from Declan to discover that. And Deck, WHO I WANTED TO PUNCH IN THE FACE, needed to grow up and find himself in the industry. When Deck sees Tatum again, he knows he needs her back in his life: permanently. He just has to get her on board with it.

I love Tatum’s strength in this book. She doesn’t just forgive Declan, and it takes her awhile to talk with him about what happened. She didn’t let Declan bulldoze her life, didn’t let him become her life. When she did talk to him about what happened, and she decided to try and forgive him, she didn’t continuously bring it up. After the worked it out, they continued to work on it. She did what she had to do to live without him, and she lived and thrived without him. Did she have insecurities? Yes. Did she let them over rule her life? No. Was she afraid? Yes. Did she get jealous? Yes, but she didn’t accuse him of sleeping with everyone or bring it up to hurt him after that.

I don’t know if I could be as strong as Tatum was. I’d have probably just stabbed my man.

Declan can be a huge jerk. He knows it, and so does everyone else around him. With out Tatum he was just living, but he smartened up. When he had the chance to get her back, he did. Declan had a lot of strength too. He had changed over the last ten years, some things for the better, others for the worse. He doesn’t make the same mistakes twice (THANK GOD CAN I JUST SAY), but he is also able to recognize when he’s being over bearing, recognize when he’s losing Tatum this time around. He stops taking her for granted.

I normally hate rock star romances, but I will be continuing this series. I’m already looking forward to the next book! The guys in Civil Corruption are messed up, and I can’t wait to see them stop messing up. (Plus, series like this are like double epilogues. I get glimpses into the other couples!) I’m going to shut up now, but just know that this book is absolutely amazing, and heartbreaking all at the same time.


Corrupt by Jessica Prince Review

With the release of Defile, the second in the Civil Corruption series, on the horizon, I received a copy of Corrupt in exchange for an honest review.

blurbcorruptGarrett Wilder is rich, famous, and totally bad for me. After one night that ended with me wanting to punch him in his face, the self-absorbed rockstar has become a permanent fixture in my life…
Whether I like it or not.

Now I’m forced to see him every day, and that shield I put up to protect my heart is quickly crumbling to the ground. I’ve gone from hating him to craving him. And the scariest part is that he feels the same.

He wants to know me.
He wants to own me.
He wants to corrupt me.

And if I’m not careful…
I just might let him.


authorjessicaprinceBorn and raised around Houston, Jessica is a self proclaimed caffeine addict, connoisseur of inexpensive wine, and the worst driver in the state of Texas. In addition to being all of these things, she’s first and foremost a wife and mom.
Growing up, she shared her mom and grandmother’s love of reading. But where they leaned toward murder mysteries, Jessica was obsessed with all things romance.
When she’s not nose deep in her next manuscript, you can usually find her with her kindle in hand.

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Here’s to another rock star romance I loved instead of cringed at. I laughed, I wanted to strangle people, and I was heartbroken at the same time. Jessica Prince had me entranced from the very first page, with an added “holy exploding ovaries, Batman” and I was hooked.

Gwen is a character that pulled me in. The prologue details how, while she’s still grieving the loss of her father, she loses her mother to cancer. Because of this, she falls into bed with the drummer of Civil Corruption, Garrett. This girl needs some serious therapy, though, because even after four years of grieving, she’s still holding onto their losses in an unhealthy way.

Garrett doesn’t help though. They fall into bed, and he has his assistant kick her out the next morning. When she finds out she’s pregnant, and tries to get a hold of him, she’s instead pointed in the direction of lawyers and the stupid assistant. Garrett is not like-able in the beginning. He tries to stay involved in his daughter’s life, while still maintaining his rock star status, but he misses the important stuff in Liddy’s life. Don’t confuse it though, he loves his daughter, but he likes being single too.

When the truth of Gwen’s situation comes to light, along with the scheming assistant and manager, Garrett decides he wants a to be more involved in Liddy’s life. Through this, he learns just what an amazing woman Gwen is. While Gwen tries to guard her heart, and rightfully so, she’s still yearning for the family she lost a long time ago. Garrett and Gwen have ups and downs, and a lot more downs, but they come together in a beautiful way.

I wanted to strangle Gwen at times, definitely wanted to smother Garrett, but I loved both of these characters. When Garrett decides he wants his family to be whole, he turns into a rockstar alpha, and seriously, who can resist that? These two had so much learning to do, about each other and about relationships, that I almost feel like they needed couples counseling, to move on from the past and have a better future. While I loved this book, I felt like the ending was wrapped up nicely, but didn’t resolve much? The ending just left me wanting more. Which is good, because Defile releases this year, and now I get to see these two interact from an outsider’s view.

But seriously, if you don’t want to strangle your man at least once a day, do you even love him? KIDDING…



Loving Ben Cooper by CC Monroe Review

arc review 1blurblovingbencooperSadie

Christ is my redeemer, the drive behind my moral compass, he leads me down every road—the righteous road. My heart full of love, my body pure and untouched, my words clean, my body modest. I do all things because I believe in my Christian faith and I believe that my life has been planned out for me. I will meet the perfect man of God, one who will give me a family and a wholesome life. There is no room for anything less, no room for speed bumps or road blocks. Except for the one man who threw a wrench in my spinning tire. The one man who made me question my faith and what true faith really is. Ben Cooper—my very own sinner.


Each blow to the face feels glorious, I crave the pain of each punch from my back alley opponent. The high I get from each fight that I antagonize is the same high I get when I strum my guitar and hit the high notes in the microphone. That rush is just like the pain I feel with the blows I take. Violence is my decadence and music is my redemption. I love beautiful women, the taste of whiskey on my tongue, and the smell of tobacco on my breath. I’m a man with no morals and no plan to my madness. I’m a man with only the promise of the day I’m in. Until I find the most beautiful melody, dressed in full clothes and a cross around her neck. Sadie McCallister—my very own saint.


authorcc monroe

Author CC Monroe is from the hottest city in the world, Phoenix, Arizona. She spends her days working in fashion and her nights with her face in her laptop telling the stories of the voices in her mind. She left Arizona a few years back and now lives in the beautiful snow state of Utah, where she married her true love!

When she isn’t writing or working, she is making people laugh with her mad sense of humor and tip of the tongue one liners.

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First, you may be wondering why I used pictures of Brendan Urie from Panic! At the Disco for my graphics. Easy: It’s Brendan Urie. Also, CC has said Brendan was her inspiration for Ben Cooper, and This is Gospel is used in the book, so why not use the ultra expressive Brendan for my pics? (Also, I’m still going through my middle school/emo phase and love all things P!ATD).

Rock star books are so hard for me, mostly because of the drug use that usually comes with them. Drugs make me uber uncomfortable, both in real life, and when I’m reading about them. Even weed. But I love the broken sinner Ben Cooper. He is struggling, even though he thinks he’s doing just fine. Even though he’s not looking for anything serious, Sadie McCallister crashes into his life with her faith, trying to accept Ben for who he is, even though Ben can’t accept himself. 

Sadie is the total and complete opposite of Ben. The saint to his sinner. She goes to church and Bible study, is saving herself for marriage, and believes God will guide her through all things. In two short days she meets Ben and falls in love with him. She tries to accept his life, his drugs, his belief that there is no God, and tries to make the relationship work. She tries to help him in all things, without losing herself in the process.

One of my favorite things about Sadie is that she gives up a lot to be with Ben when he needs her. She tries to be everything he needs to help him with recovery. But when push comes to shove, she refuses to back down from her beliefs. She tries to learn as much about him and why he feels he needs the drugs as she can. But when Ben messes up, which he inevitably does, one too many times, she keeps her promise to him, but realizes shes too close to losing herself, and straightens her spine. Ben knows his words aren’t working anymore. He knows he needs to get better, but he also knows he’s put too much in the hands of Sadie, and not enough on himself.

Another one of my favorite things is that the common theme in the book is that Ben cannot change unless he wants to change for himself. Neither Sadie nor Ben want to change the other. Sadie wants to help Ben, but he needs to want it. When it’s clear Ben doesn’t want it as much as Sadie believed, she’s done. Ben starts to want to heal for himself. I love the positive view of the use of therapy, group therapy, and meditation, instead of the “I’m not sick, I don’t need it” attitude. There are so many things about Loving Ben Cooper that made me fall in love with both the saint and the sinner, but you’ll just have to get the book for yourself to fall in love with them.

Thank you CC! Your words are amazing ❤