Trick Play by Eden Finley Review!


Want to know the fastest way to get screwed out of a football career? Get photographed in a compromising position in a gay bar. Yep, welcome to my life.

My agent says he can fix my image. He wants me to become the poster boy for gay football players. Me? I just want back on the field. I’ll do anything to play for the NFL again, even pretend to have a steady boyfriend. If only my fake boyfriend wasn’t Noah Huntington III—the most arrogant, entitled rich guy in the world.


Pretend to be Matt Jackson’s boyfriend, my best friend said. It’ll be fun, he said. What Damon neglected to mention is Matt is surly and bitter. Being his boyfriend is a job in itself. From his paranoia over being constantly photographed to his aversion to PDA, being with Matt isn’t the care-free fake relationship I expected when I signed on to do this.

It’s supposed to be a win-win. I get to stick it to my politician dad who thinks no one is good enough for the Huntington name, and Matt’s reputation of being the bad boy of football dies.

What I don’t expect is to start caring for the guy. That’s not part of the plan. Then again, neither is fooling around with him on my private jet.


**Trick Play is a full-length MM novel with a HEA/HEA and no cliffhanger**



Eden Finley is an Amazon bestselling author who writes steamy contemporary romances that are full of snark and light-hearted fluff.

She doesn’t take anything too seriously and lives to create an escape from real life for her readers. The ideas always begin with a wackadoodle premise, and she does her best to turn them into romances with heart.

With a short attention span that rivals her five-year-old son’s, she writes multiple different pairings: MM, MMF, and MF.

She’s also an Australian girl and apologises for her Australianisms that sometimes don’t make sense to anyone else.

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*Sigh* Matt. *Swoon* NOAH. If I could give this book more than five stars, I would. It had me laughing and swooning, scowling and crying, angry and ecstatic. I was basically on a roller coaster of emotions and when I got off, I wanted to get RIGHT back on again. It had just the right amount of sweet and steamy to keep you on your toes.

Noah is the uber player. He has no intention of ever settling down, and focuses on making his politician dad crazy. He’s the guy that makes all the sexual jokes, all the time, and hits on anything that walks. But one of the only people, if not the only person, calls in a favor. Pretend to be a hot football player’s boyfriend until the press around him dies down. Since he’s trying to get himself out of a sticky situation anyway, he dives in.

But nobody is expecting Matt, especially not Noah.

Matt is grumpy after years of hiding his sexuality from his teammates and his family. One bad game, one bad decision, and his sexuality is suddenly plastered across every tabloid, newspaper, and gossip rag. We saw a little bit of this in Fake Out, where Maddox takes Matt to meet Damon, so they can form the gay-famous-athlete-agent-player dream team.

So, they fell in love and are happily gay. Checking off the boxes for an LGBTQ+ couple with photo shoots, interviews, vacations, planned candid camera moments, and events. The whole circus is everything Matt wanted to avoid. Although Noah has valid reasons for never wanting to fall in love and settle down, he certainly protects his fake-boyfriend like he’s ready for more.

Their love was a push and pull you’re not going to want to miss. Matt, the big teddy bear, falls so hard for Noah he’s willing to take whatever Noah will give him. And Noah is running fast from the dreaded “L” word (not lesbian, the other one). This whole book gave me Sam Smith vibes (I don’t have a specific song but like, all of them ok?). I wanted to wrap Matt in a blanket and hiss at all the reporters like a crazy person, but I also wanted to be in there with him with Noah. Full on cuddle love fest.

I haven’t read M/M romances since my anime/manga obsession back in high school/early college years. I don’t know why I’ve left it alone for so long. I haven’t been like “ew, no thanks” but when I would see a M/M romance pop up, I tended to skip it. But I forgot how much I loved them. In fact, Eden, Imma need you to write book three and FAST cause I’m seriously going through withdrawal right now.

What I loved about this book, and Fake Out which I often didn’t get when reading the mangas, was the real life aspect shown in the book. There was serious talk about the problems that come with having a politician father, with being gay in the sports world, and the struggles you face when you want to just love someone. (Seriously people, get it together. LOVE IS LOVE.) I loved that there was no “girl” in the relationship. Both guys were pretty alpha, actually. They did the whole growly dominant thing sometimes, but other times they needed love and were ok switching roles. There was give and take, compromise, and growth.

Eden, I love you girl, but GIMMIE MORE. Thanks.

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COVER REVEAL, Reputation by Dr. Rebecca Sharp!

Title: Reputation
Author: Dr. Rebecca Sharp
Genre: Enemies to Lovers/Rockstar Romance
Release Date: August 13, 2018
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Small-town girl. America’s Sweetheart. 
The biggest popstar in the world

It began with one guy and then the next. 

Until my reputation preceeded me.
Yes, I dated them – all of them. 


Yes, I also broke up with them. All of them.

Was it too much? The world said yes. Too many, too quickly. 

And my star began to flicker.

The world knew nothing about my life and yet, their judgement weighed on me like stone.

My reputation was falling faster than a shooting star and the only way to save it was with the boy who never wanted me.

Zach Parker was a singer, songwriter, and sexy as sin. 

To him, I was just the neighbor’s little sister. 

A pest that had grown into a famous annoyance.

Zach Parker wanted nothing to do with me. 

But he could be tempted – with a stepping stone to fame, that is.

The plan was simple: Childhood Sweethearts Fall in Love on US Tour.
The plan was to let them see what they wanted to see: our ‘romance’ blossom right in front of their eyes.

A romance that Zach had made painfully clear to me years ago would never exist.


I’m told that it was the only thing that could repair my image.

So, every night I’ll stand on that stage and give Zach my heart piece by piece, note by note.

We’ll give them a show they’ll never forget – and a love story that I may not survive.
Because who cares that in order to put my reputation back together, I’ll have to tear my heart apart?
Rebecca Sharp is a dentist and International Best-Selling author living in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, the love of her life. After graduating Cum Laude from Lafayette College in 2011 with two degrees (one in Business & Economics and one in French), she pursued her doctoral degree at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Graduating in 2015, she has since been working in her family’s dental practice that has serving the local community for over 60 years.
While she enjoys the practical and challenging academic aspects of her career and the fulfillment of providing care to her patients, Rebecca desired to pursue something more creative in her free time. Starting with her love of Jane Austen, she began writing. While she enjoys all types of books, romance novels have always held a special place in her heart. (True story: She listed a Sabrina Jeffries novel on her 8th grade summer reading list. Much to her surprise, the teacher didn’t even notice!) She has currently published numerous contemporary romance titles.

When she isn’t taking care of her patients or writing/publishing her next book, Rebecca loves to read, cook, draw, and snowboard. She has a small addiction to coffee and the TV show ‘Friends.’ She and her husband are avid travelers, determined to visit every corner of this beautiful planet!


EXCERPT for The Solution to Unrequited!

It’s time for a sneak peek at the solution…
The Solution to Unrequited by Len Webster is coming July 11th!




Atomic number: 33
Name of chemical element: Arsenic
Symbol: As

Every solution has a poisonous flaw … even between best friends.

The agreement: Fall break together.
The struggle: A road trip from North Carolina to Massachusetts.
The reason: To find a way back into each other’s lives.
The issue: AJ’s not ready to let Evan reclaim the parts of her he made his.
The hindrance: Connecticut.


“I’ll go back home with you, Evan,” AJ said as tears formed, knowing that this was right. In order to live an honest life, she had to face her past.

She needed to free Evan and forgive him.

“You will?”

She nodded. “I realize I haven’t been fair to you. I haven’t been fair to you for a long time. What you did to me hurt, but I shouldn’t have let you go to Vegas and Stanford thinking I’d join you. I shouldn’t have kept Duke a secret.” Tears skimmed her skin. “I have missed you, and I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought you were more than capable of living a life without me. After prom, I didn’t think you’d need me in your life anymore.”

Evan shook his head. “Are you kidding?”

AJ brushed her stupid tears away.

He closed the distance in a matter of breaths, wrapping an arm around her back and digging his fingers into her hair, holding her tight. Protectively. As if he was afraid that if he let her go, it would be the end of them. Just like all the times he held her, AJ’s arms looped around his waist as her tears continued to fall onto his shirt.

She inhaled a deep breath.

The smell of him.

The feel of him.

This was home.

This was right.

“I’ll always need you,” he whispered into her ear. “Always, Alexandra. Even if you don’t need me, I’ll always need you.”

“I need you,” she confessed in a tiny, vulnerable voice. “I’ve tried not to need you, but I do.”

Evan nodded. The side of his face brushing against hers. Then, after a long moment, he pulled back. His hands settled on the sides of her neck as they had done so many times before.

This felt natural.

This felt so familiar.

No one else could hold her like this and make their marks their own on her skin.

His smile was slow to curve. It wasn’t quite full, but it was honest. It was a glimpse of the version of him she loved.

“Are you willing to trust me again?”

Unlike before, AJ nodded. “Yes, if you’re willing to trust me again.”

He let out a relieved sigh. “AJ, I trust you. While I was at Stanford, I trusted that when I finally found you, you’d let me back into your life and we’d get this all worked out.” The sound of a key being inserted into the door had Evan’s hands falling away from her face. And just as the door opened, he whispered, “No matter what happens to us, I’ll always want and need you, Alexandra.” His smile was honest, and she nodded, believing him.

About Len

Len Webster is a romance-loving Melburnian with dreams of finding her version of ‘The One.’ But until that moment happens, she writes. Having just graduated with her BBusCom from Monash University, Len is now busy writing her next romance about how a boy met a girl, and how they fell completely and hopelessly in love.

She is also not a certified explorer, but she’s working on it.

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COVER REVEAL for Mixed Up Love by Natasha Madison!








When my business partner asked me to do him a favor, I had no idea he was sending me on a blind date his mother arranged for him. I walked in the bar, saw the woman drinking her third martini, and knew I was in for an eventful night.

After the unexpected second date, she didn’t know my real name or who I really was. By that time, the lie was too far gone, and I wanted her too much to admit the truth.


It’s not every day you find out your ex-boyfriend is engaged.

I shouldn’t have agreed to the blind date. My mother insisted, and I wasn’t in any position to turn down a night out.

I will admit, I definitely shouldn’t have ordered that fourth martini before said blind date even arrived.

The man turned out to be swoon worthy, handsome, condescending—a perfect distraction. Then I found out he was a liar.

I’ve never been in over my head to this degree.

Then again, I’ve never been in love.




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When her nose isn’t buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she’s in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It’s a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn’t listen to her…




Fake Out by Eden Finley Review!

arc.pngblurbfake outMaddox

The reason I rarely go home is three simple words: I’m a liar.
When the pressure to marry my childhood sweetheart became too much, I told her I was gay and then fled to New York like my ass was on fire.
Now, five years later and after a drunken encounter, I find myself invited to her wedding. And I have to bring my boyfriend—the boyfriend who doesn’t exist because I’m straight.
At least, I think I am. Meeting the guy I’m bribing to be my boyfriend for the weekend makes me question everything about myself.


When my sister asks me to pretend to be some straight guy’s boyfriend, my automatic response is to say no. It’s because of guys like him people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m gay.
But Maddox has something I need.
After an injury that cost me my baseball career, I’m trying to leave my playing days behind and focus on being the best sports agent I can be. Forty-eight hours with my sister’s best friend in exchange for a meeting with a possible client. I can do this.
I just wish he wasn’t so hot. Or that he didn’t kiss like he means it.
Wait… why is the straight guy kissing me?

*Fake Out is a full-length MM novel with no cliffhanger.*


Eden Finley is an Amazon bestselling author who writes steamy contemporary romances that are full of snark and light-hearted fluff.

She doesn’t take anything too seriously and lives to create an escape from real life for her readers. The ideas always begin with a wackadoodle premise, and she does her best to turn them into romances with heart.

With a short attention span that rivals her five-year-old son’s, she writes multiple different pairings: MM, MMF, and MF.

She’s also an Australian girl and apologises for her Australianisms that sometimes don’t make sense to anyone else.

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Have you ever read a book, put it down, and immediately wanted to start it all over again? That’s how I felt about Fake Out. Now, I had me reservations because Maddox was straight, and sometimes the whole “he/she turned me gay” thing is annoying? I don’t know if that’s the right word. But, I absolutely adored Maddox and Damon, and their relationship, and basically everything about them. Because in the end, you love who you love. That’s all that matters.

I don’t even know where to begin with Maddox. He is super cute, annoying, hot, funny, and basically everything. I’m staking my claim on him. I LOVE HIM. And I love how accepting he is of things. He just lets things roll off of him… except for conflict. He’s not too good at conflict. Which leads him to needing a Fake Boyfriend. Why? Oh you know, he was too chicken to hurt his high school girlfriend, and ended up telling her he was gay to get out of it, and five years later the town still thinks he’s gay. For a supposedly straight guy, he was awfully willing to throw out “I have a boyfriend” REALLY fast.

In comes Damon, who is Maddox’s best friend’s older brother (HEY BEST FRIEND’S BROTHER TROPE MY FAVE) who is a gay sports agent. He plays Maddox’s fake boyfriend for two days, and has to keep reminding himself the Maddy is straight. It’s way too easy to fall for Maddy’s sincerity, his loyalty, his sense of humor, basically everything. And Damon may be a workaholic and studying his butt off, but he’s also fun to be around. He can handle the jokes just as much as Maddox can.

This book isn’t all just fun and games, though, and deals with topics that we don’t always want to face. It deals with bigotry, self acceptance and shame, it deals with coming to terms with who you are and who you love. It forces you to open your eyes more, see the world around you. It makes you think about the situation you’re in, the situations you put others in, and the way you speak. It may be jokes, but you have to remember that not everyone likes the same jokes you do.

Seriously, the more I sit and review this book, the more I want to stop typing, open up my kindle and start reading again. Who cares I have other books to read? Or write reviews for? I need more Maddox and Damon in my life. Like, bone deep need.

Although, if you’re from New Jersey (we Jersey folk always get the short end of the stick), Canada, are vegan, or offended easily, you probably shouldn’t read this book. All in good fun, there’s a lot of jokes in this book that had me laughing so hard I was crying, but also going HEY WAIT WHY. But if you’re like me and can brush off the “YOU’RE A MONSTER” jokes about moving to Jersey (I mean really people, why do you hate Jersey??? We’ve got awesome beaches!!!), then you’ll  love this book.

People, my fingers are itching for a re-read and I read it for the first time two days ago. Am I reading this as soon as I hit publish? YOU BETCHA. Am I a complete weirdo? Um, probably. Actually, most definitely.

This was my first Eden Finley novel so you know what that means? GIRL, SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW STALKER.

Ok, I’m done. Off to re-read. BYE FELICIA.

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Did you get Unexpected Love Story yet?

Title: Unexpected Love Story
Series: Love Series
Author: Natasha Madison
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 5, 2018

When one man’s death exposes a complex web of lies, three couples discover the true meaning of love, loss and redemption.

I was the strong one, they said, until two words brought me to my knees. 
It was a secret I didn’t share with anyone. A secret that made me promise I’d never fall in love. 
I no longer wanted that white picket fence of every woman’s dreams. 
Until the unthinkable happened. 

I thought I had it all with the best medical practice in the state and the woman of my dreams. 
I wore a smile on my face every single day. 
I couldn’t wait to watch her walk down the aisle and start our forever, except she never did. 
My runaway bride made me realize love isn’t worth it. 

What happens when your dreams unexpectedly come true?

This is the story of unexpected love.


An enemies-to-lovers romance with epic chemistry, fantastic banter, and passion that practically explodes off the page. It’s fun, feisty, sexy and beautifully heartfelt, and I loved every moment! – Aj The escapist Book Blog

I finished this book in a couple hours, devouring every sentence, every page Natasha gifted the world with, until it was over and I was crying happy tears. – Cait’s Creatures


Unexpected Love was just that unexpected. The storyline at times has some heartbreaking moments for both characters that made you want to hug both of them. -Melissa BookSmacked

Releasing July 10th

When her nose isn’t buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she’s in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It’s a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn’t listen to her…


Professor Hot Pants by Ember-Raine Winters Review.


My mom always told me that I was better than random hookups but she was a drug addict, what did she know. Sex fulfilled a need in me. I’m not your average college student, but like many students I have one professor I fantasize about. Professor Marks is a great big no-no in the hookup department, so why can’t I stay away?


I’m a professor of psychology at the University. Being in my position, it was necessary to keep him at a distance. But, he’s slowly becoming an obsession of mine, the sexual tension between us is stifling. Now, we are expected to work together when all I want to do is bend his ass over the table. How will I be able to keep my hands to myself?

Can an unexpected ally bring these two people together and teach them the meaning of family?


authoremberraineEmber-Raine Winters lives in sunny California with her two beautiful kids and a wolf. Also known as Apache her pure white Siberian Husky. She loves writing romance and reading just about anything she can get her hands on. And, football! She loves watching football and going to games. It’s one of her favorite ways to unwind. She dislikes the super-hot temperatures in her city and exercise. She hates to exercise but somehow her sister still gets her to do it every day. She also thinks it’s completely awkward talking about herself in third person. Ember loves connecting with readers so don’t be afraid to stalk her and drop her a line on social media.



I’m going to say this a lot in the next couple reviews I do, but I’ve been on a kick and it started with Professor Hot Pants. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a straight white 25 year old girl, who fell in love with 18 and gets to marry her best friend (hopefully soon but wedding planning sucks), but when I read romances I tend to read about couples (well, the female anyway- I’ve definitely read about those age gaps and loved it) who are in their twenties, and are straight and monogamous. I don’t know why, either. I had my obsession with manga (thank you, Ashley) which led to the yaoi genre (heeeey manga nerd over here- yaoi is M/M relationships) and an obsession with many mangas. One specifically I now want to re-read because one of the guys was such an alpha but they were both cute (Ash, I need names). Professor Hot Pants really made me remember my love for the genre.

Not only was this book taboo, hello teacher/student relationship, but it was about a gay couple. Both of whom had their issues, but god does Ryan have his issues. Now, to me, I really don’t care. I gravitate towards novels I feel like I’ll connect with on some level, and it’s easier for me to connect (or so I tell myself, and then a novel comes along that reminds me that’s not true) with straight cis characters (thanks tumblr!), but since I’m not gay, and I have worked hard over the years to not judge people, and I grew up in an accepting household and in a world with MySpace and Tumblr, it makes it easy for me to forget the challenges being “not normal” can face. So they were gay and breaking the rules, that’s enough for a novel, right?

WRONG. It was so much more than that. It touched on the topics of child molestation, of loving someone you know you shouldn’t, of drug addiction, of loving yourself so you can accept love, and opening yourself up to the possibilities. Ryan and Phillip had to make extremely difficult choices, ones no one should ever have to face, but they had to because of bigotry that we, as straight people, don’t have to deal with. Are these struggles things I’ve dealt with? No. Are they struggles others have had to deal with? Abo-freaking-loutely. But because they were gay, it made it that much harder for them.

AND LORD HAVE MERCY, do their trials and tribulations make you fall more and more in love with them. Phillip and Ryan are so absolutely amazing, I adored every ounce of them. One of the things I remembered I loved about M/M romances, manga or otherwise, was that you’re reminded that just because they’re gay, doesn’t mean their special just because of their orientation. They had messed up situations, definitely, but their strength was what made them special. The love they found in themselves and with each other made them special. Their sexual orientation didn’t define them, it was just a part of who they were. Just like mine is. Just like yours is. It doesn’t make you who you are, but it does help shape you and shape your decisions for life.

Have you figured out I’m obsessed yet? Ember made me remember why I love gay romance so much, and made me go on a kick of devouring more of them. Her characters were well rounded and continued to grow the more I read, the more I devoured. I read her book so fast, I found myself flipping the last page saying “I NEED MORE”. So Ember- I NEED MORE. Extended epilogues? Another book? Anything? Please? On that note- I’m shutting up but I will say GO GET THIS BOOK. Please! Not a fan of M/M? From the bottom of my heart, and the depths of my soul: Give this a chance. You won’t regret it.

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